The Wat-aah! Challenge

The human body is 70% water, and it's a fact of life that we all need to stay hydrated. So Alfie and I make a big effort to get our kids to drink more water. No, we don't waterboard them, we just ask them to drink water throughout the day. They're not too fond of plain old boring water, so we try to vary it a bit for them by alternating between 100% juice and milk and water. But I'm always mindful of the AAP's recommendation of 6 oz. of juice daily for toddlers, and 2 6-oz. servings of juice for older children, so I look for ways to "wean" them off the sweet stuff, like watering down their juice or giving them flavored water. So when we were invited to take the Wat-aah! Challenge, I glady said yes.

The Basics
Wat-aah! is a premium bottled water for kids. We received a sample of 1 bottle each of the following varieties:

* Wat-aah! Bones, the first premium water with calcium to help bone growth
* Wat-aah! Brain, the first premium water with added electrolytes to encourage faster absorption, hydration and cooling down
* Wat-aah! Energy, the first premium water with electrolytes and oxygen for increased metabolic function and energy
* Wat-aah! Body, the foundation for the brand with simple and super clean water, absolutely free of sugar

You can purchase Wat-aah! on Amazon, or click here to find a location that sells Wat-aah!.

The Bongga
From the first moment they saw our sample Wat-aah! bottles, the kids were fighting to drink them. With those bright colors and bold designs, the bottles are certainly eye-candy for kids! Mine thought the cartoon of the kid with his mouth open was absolutely hilarious. So it's not surprising that even though the fridge was stocked with juice and chocolate milk, they all asked for the Wat-aah! All the flavors are nice and refreshing, especially when they're ice-cold, and my kids especially loved the taste of Wat-aah! Bones (the orange bottle).

The Blah
Yes, the kids did choose Wat-aah!, but I'm wondering whether it was because they were new and interesting, and those ultra-cool bottles are hard to resist. It's a step up from water as far as my kids are concerned, but unfortunately, the drink isn't sweet enough to trump their preference for juice. Also, I'd love to be able to buy Wat-aah! in smaller sized bottles.

The Bottom Line
Wat-aah is a great way to get your kids drinking more water. It's healthy and refreshing..... and kids find it hard to resist that ultra-cool bottle design. Don't let your kids choose-- just pack a bottle of Wat-aah! into their lunchboxes instead of juice!

I received a product sample for this post, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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