Driving the Lincoln MKT, Day 3

Today was all about the Lincoln MKT's Active Park Assist. We actually circled the block around our house to find a spot where I could show Alfie the Active Park Assist and film it for this post. I'm not a control freak, but I still can't get used to giving up the steering wheel and watching as the car acts like Kit from Knight Rider. The spot we chose was pretty tight, but the Active Park Assist came to the rescue and we ended up perfectly parallel to the curb!

My last errand of the day in the MKT was a quick trip to Whole Foods for some milk. I found a spot just beside the store that gave me the perfect opportunity to enjoy the MKT's parallel parking skills once again. As I the MKT was in the process of parking, another car came driving up and began parallel parking on the opposite side of the street (it was a one-way street). I felt so weird just sitting there while the car parked itself that I actually pretended to grip the steering wheel -- I didn't want the other driver didn't freak out and think I was about to crash into his car!

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