Driving the Lincoln MKT, Day 1

3Po and Jammy must have thought I was crazy when I led them to a strange, silver car after I picked them up from school.

3Po: Mama, that's not our car! (And all the while, his face was asking me: Are you stealing a car, mama? I thought it was bad to steal?).
Me: Yes, honeys, it is our car, at least for the next four days. We're test driving this car over Labor Day weekend!
Jammy: Ooooooohhhhhh......

I have to say that Ooooohhhhh.... is pretty much how I felt when they dropped off the Lincoln MKT in our driveway this morning. It's not every day that you get to try out a luxury car, and that new car smell is just intoxicating. I think we're going to have fun with this car over the next few days!

I'm still a bit too paranoid about the thought of crashing the car while I'm fiddling with all the gadgetry, so for now I'm just driving it around and getting a feel for it. And rather than do a huge novel-length review of the car at the end of the four days, I'd rather just list down the stuff that impressed or annoyed me about the car as I encounter them. For example:

The Bongga: Airconditioned seats......ahhhhhh! Pure bliss on a day when you've parked in direct sunlight and enter the car wearing short shorts! WHY more automakers don't do this is a total mystery. As for the boys, their Coolest Feature vote is a 3-way tie between the dual sunroof, reversing camera and pushbutton start. For now, anyway (we haven't gotten to the Active Park Assist yet!).

The Blah: No beeping sensors at the front of the car...... arrrrgh! The MKT is a big car with a humongo hood; if you've got sensors at the back, why not have them in the front?

I did not receive any product samples for this post, nor monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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eastcoastlife on September 5, 2009 at 2:53 AM said...

You got to test drive a luxury car for 4 days!? Wow. Congrats. :)

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