Feeling Yummie at Type-A Mom (even though I'm not going)

This weekend, a bevy of mom bloggers are descending upon Asheville NC for the Type-A Mom Conference, and if it's going to be anything like last July's BlogHer conference, you can bet these women are gonna Bring It. And since the food and drink and merriment is probably going to be flowing, Bringing It is going to be a lot easier if you're wearing shapewear like Yummie Tummie.

Trust me on this one. I'm a Yummie Tummie Brand Ambassador and I was given one to wear at BlogHer. I loved how it squeezes me in without feeling like a corset, and I love how it's thin enough to slip on under a shirt. In fact, the only thing I would have improved on was to make the tank a bit longer, given my long torso and fat ass wide hips.

Et voila, next thing I know, I've got Yummie Tummie sending me a Long Skinny Tank in black! Just in time for Type-A Mom Conference -- except I'm not going. So I just have to sashay around in my Yummie Tummie tank layered over the teeny Fast Girl tank that Alfie gave me (this is the only way I could wear it without giving everyone a free peep show), and pretend I'm strutting my stuff at some Type-A Mom party. I'm too wimpy to show my "before" photo (I'll leave that to the very brave, bold -- and Bongga -- Moosh in Indy) but here's the "after" photo. Now I'm just waiting for Yummie Tummie to start making the Long Skinny Tank in something other than black and white, like purple or brown or leopard print (can you say Mrrrrrrawwww?!).

If you're at the Type-A Mom conference this weekend, watch out for Yummie Tummie Brand Ambassadors -- they'll be giving away 10 Skinny Tanks during the conference! If, like me, you're stuck at home, follow YummieTummie on Twitter because they're giving away one Skinny Tank a day.

And if you're not quite so lucky as to win a Yummie Tummie Skinny Tank, here's a 20% off discount code:


You don't have to be a Type-A Mom conference attendee to use this coupon, but it's only valid during the conference weekend, 9/24 till 9/26. At 62 bucks per tank, the 20% off coupon really helps!

I received a product sample for this post, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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