Drink Up!

If someone had told my parents, thirty years ago, that they could put water in a bottle and charge people for it, they would have scoffed, and so would the rest of the world. But here we are in a world where bottled water is as common as Coke.

And if someone had told me, fifteen years ago, that they could put flavorings and vitamins and minerals in bottled water and charge people three times as much as regular bottled water, I would have scoffed, and so would the rest of the world. But here we are in a world where flavored water is as common as plain water.

And I say, hurrah! People have enough trouble staying hydrated as it is. In a perfect world we'd all chug down our 64 oz. every day, but to Gen-X'ers brought up on juice and softdrinks and flavored drinks, flavored water certainly makes things easier. It certainly helps us. Alfie and I discovered flavored water several years ago, and it's one of our little luxuries. We drink regular filtered tap water and we're not latte junkies, but danged if we each don't take our water bottles up to bed with us every night. Our latest find is Snapple's Antioxidant Water , which has all the trendy antioxidant berries like acai and (my favorite flavor) pomegranate.

Long live progress!
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Pizza coupon

I hate ordering from chain pizza place without a coupon. If you're like me, click here for a Round Table Pizza coupon.
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Book Review: The Cake Thief

Like most children, mine love cakes. They love drawing cakes, coloring them, playing with plastic versions of them, serving them, baking them... and (surprise, surprise) eating them. So it's not surprising that a book about a cake thief caught their attention right away.

The Cake Thief, written and illustrated by Sally Lee, tells the story of Clarence, a little boy who lives with his cat and steals cakes for a living. His life changes one day when he is invited to a party and all he needs to do is bring a cake. It's a charming little tale about sharing, self-reliance and community spirit.

Both I and my children loved this book. The story is as sweet as the delectable cake drawings throughout the beautifully illustrated book. It's simple and easy to understand, with just enough "naughtiness" to attract my kids.
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Pink Lemonade... Yum!

With a header like this, how can the bags not be cute? Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags sell hip, bongga diaper bags that transition into tote bags as your baby gets older. Their Retro Black Pink Stripes design is as cute as can be. Island Life is giving away one of their fabulous bags, so hop on over and sign up!
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Here are some rules that apply to all my giveaways (unless stated otherwise in the specific giveaway). By entering a giveaway, entrants agree to comply by the terms of the giveaway as stated here and on the giveaway post.

* Unless otherwise stated in a specific giveaway post, giveaways are open only to continental US residents.

* The basic method for entering a giveaway is to leave a comment on the giveaway post. Note that the giveaway may specify additional criteria for a valid entry (ex: visiting the sponsor's site, commenting about sponsor's other products, joining a mailing list, etc...), and occasionally a giveaway may require other methods of entry (ex: becoming a fan of the sponsor on Facebook, creating an account on the sponsor's site, etc..). The entry method will be clearly described on the giveaway post.

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* Entries will be accepted until the giveaway end date. Entries submitted after the giveaway end date are not valid.

* I will draw the winning entry at 12:01AM on the giveaway end date, using random.org to get a random number n. The winner will be the nth comment.

* I will make every effort to contact giveaway winners via email and/or twitter. I am not responsible for incorrect email addresses you leave on my blog. I am not responsible if my email to you is routed to your spam folder. To prevent this from happening, you may wish to add bonggamom@yahoo.com to your email address book.

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* Although giveaway prizes are usually provided by a sponsoring company, Bonggamom Finds is responsible for administering all giveaways on this blog. Please direct all giveaway-related questions, comments and complaints to bonggamom@yahoo.com, not to the sponsoring company.

Good luck!
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I welcome comments, questions, suggestions, compliments, and friendly hellos! If you want to get in touch with me, just leave a comment on any of my posts, and I'll get back to you. Here are some other ways to contact me:

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I look forward to hearing from you!
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About Bonggamom

Bonggamom lives,breathes and blogs in Silicon Valley, CA.

Hi, all. I'm Bonggamom, and this is my review blog. love to shop, and I love a good bargain. I'm an opinionated old bid and I love to share all my great finds, which is why I started this blog in the first place. This is where you'll find my honest opinion on products for women, children, parents and families. From time to time I also run some pretty awesome giveaways, and in most cases all you have to do to enter is leave a comment!

Here's my "official" bio:
Despite attaining an MS from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard, Bonggamom is barely getting passing grades in her pursuit of an MFA (Masters in Family Administration) from the Universe-ity of Motherhood. Formerly in software product management, she is a stay-at-home parent to a daughter and twin boys, constantly looking for new ways to entertain them while doing as little housework as possible.

So why "bonggamom"? The word "bongga" (rhymes with "congga") is a Filipino term meaning glamorous in an ostentatious, outrageous, fabulous, over-the-top way. Bonggamom believes all moms can and should aspire to be bongga moms, but acknowledges that her own efforts to achieve such a state are hampered by her constantly stained jeans.

Here's how to contact me

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I also blog over at these sites:
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I've been interviewed here and there:
Interview on the San Francisco Chronicle, November 27, 2010
Interview on Girlfriendology.com , July 23, 2009
Interview by Shannon Dinglee on BlogTalkRadio.com, July 24, 2009
Interview by Maria Bailey on MomTV.com, July 25, 2009
Interview for Liberty Mutual's Responsibility Project, July 25, 2009
Featured on A Byte out of Life: Is Separating Twins Really the Answer, July 30, 2009
Panelist, Office Max Back-to-School Blogcast with Peter Walsh, August 6, 2009
Featured guest poster on TimeToPlay.com, August 24, 2009
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Where the Bongga Things Are

Hi, I'm Bonggamom and this is my new blog, Bonggamom Findings.

I've been toying with the idea of starting this site for quite a while now. From time to time, I've blogged about products I like, books I've read, blogs I've visited and coupons I've used on my personal blog, Finding Bonggamom. I've decided to voice those sorts of opinions on a separate site -- Bonggamom Findings -- so I can devote Finding Bonggamom to stories and reflections on my life. I'm sure there will always be some overlap between the two blogs, but this is where you'll find my take on stuff I've deemed to be Bongga -- or not so Bongga.

So without further ado: Welcome, good to see you, hope you come back, all that stuff -- and let the opinions begin!
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