Book Review: The Cake Thief

Like most children, mine love cakes. They love drawing cakes, coloring them, playing with plastic versions of them, serving them, baking them... and (surprise, surprise) eating them. So it's not surprising that a book about a cake thief caught their attention right away.

The Cake Thief, written and illustrated by Sally Lee, tells the story of Clarence, a little boy who lives with his cat and steals cakes for a living. His life changes one day when he is invited to a party and all he needs to do is bring a cake. It's a charming little tale about sharing, self-reliance and community spirit.

Both I and my children loved this book. The story is as sweet as the delectable cake drawings throughout the beautifully illustrated book. It's simple and easy to understand, with just enough "naughtiness" to attract my kids.

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