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Hi, I'm Bonggamom and this is my new blog, Bonggamom Findings.

I've been toying with the idea of starting this site for quite a while now. From time to time, I've blogged about products I like, books I've read, blogs I've visited and coupons I've used on my personal blog, Finding Bonggamom. I've decided to voice those sorts of opinions on a separate site -- Bonggamom Findings -- so I can devote Finding Bonggamom to stories and reflections on my life. I'm sure there will always be some overlap between the two blogs, but this is where you'll find my take on stuff I've deemed to be Bongga -- or not so Bongga.

So without further ado: Welcome, good to see you, hope you come back, all that stuff -- and let the opinions begin!

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