Zhu Zhu Baby Party

What's cuter than a Zhu Zhu pet? A Zhu Zhu baby, that's what! These tiny versions of Zhu Zhu pets are the most adorable things ever! They aren't motorized like regular Zhu Zhu pets; these babies roll along with the help of a metal ball bearing on their bottoms. They come with a little pram, a blanket and three tiny toys. They have cute names like Buttercheeks and Snicklefritz. And just like the rest of the Zhuniverse, they're not limited to hamsters anymore!

MomSelect and Cepia sent us an assortment of Zhu Zhu Babies so I could invite the kids' friends over for a special Zhu Zhu Baby party. Each child got to choose her very own Zhu Zhu Baby! With so many kinds, from baby penguins to baby squirrels to baby ponies to baby kitties, each child was able to pick the baby she liked best.

As usual, whenever The Pea, Jammy, 3Po and their friends get together for Zhu Zhu playdates, the creative, crafty juices started flowing. Out came the paper, pens, tape and glue to make little paper chairs, hats and cots for the Zhu Zhu Babies. I love how these little pets spark my kids' creativity!

Everyone really enjoyed creating Zhu Zhu Baby birth certificates using the blank birth certificates I made for them. Everyone gave their Zhu Zhu Babies a special name, and they got to choose the baby's sex, weight (we tried weighing them on my kitchen scale, but it's not a very good scale, and they didn't register at all, so they made up the weight!), birthday and location of birth. I added a space for them to draw a picture of their Zhu Zhu Babies, so we ended up with some pretty adorable birth certificates (I'll post a blank template of the birth certificate in a future Zhu Zhu Baby post so you can use it for your own Zhu Zhu Baby parties!).

The kids spent most of the party admiring their Zhu Zhu Babies and rocking them to sleep on the Triplet Bedroom playset that MomSelect included in our party pack (I'll post a separate review of the Triplet Bedroom playset soon!).

And what could be more perfect for our party snack than Mommy and Baby cupcakes? So dainty and sweet -- almost as sweet as the Zhu Zhu Babies!

If your little girl is a Zhu Zhu fan, I'm sure she would love to have Zhu Zhu Baby birthday party. Hosting one is the easiest thing ever, because the Zhu Zhu Babies double as party favors and party activities. Hopefully the photos and party description above have given you some ideas and inspiration for your own Zhu Zhu Baby party!

Disclosure: I received Zhu Zhu babies outfits and playsets for the party. I have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.Link

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