Green Works cleaning products review

One of the simplest ways a household can reduce their impact on the planet is to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Simple, right? Except, not really. Many of the eco-friendly cleaners out there don't actually clean too well, and they were expensive to boot. So when I first tried Clorox Green Works cleaners , I got all excited. Finally, some eco-friendly products that actually work, and don't cost the earth! I've used Green Works ever since. And when the Mom Bloggers Club invited me to review some of Green Works' most popular products, it was a no-brainer since I already know how good they are.

Here are the four Green Works products that were sent to me, and what I think of them:

Cleaning Wipes · Green Works® Naturally Derived Cleaning Wipes pack some serious cleaning power and are made with naturally derived ingredients, such as citric acid and wood fibers. That means they won’t give off harsh chemical fumes or leave behind harsh chemical residue. And they can be thrown in compost bin after using, since they’re 100 percent biodegradable. These wipes are safe for use on most non-wood surfaces, including acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl.

We always have a can of Green Works Cleaning Wipes in the cabinet underneath our bathroom sink. They are perfect for quick bathroom touch-ups -- when it's not yet time to give the bathroom a thorough scrubbing, but the kids have been careless with their spitting and there's dried toothpaste at the edge of the sink. You know those times! I don't feel icky when I use them because I know they don't have harsh chemicals. Also, I love that they're 100% biodegradable, so I can rest easy knowing they're not clogging up landfills.

All-Purpose Cleaner
· From the cooktop to the countertop, Green Works® Naturally Derived All-Purpose Cleaner powers through grease, grime and dirt without leaving behind harsh chemical fumes or residues. Green Works All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cooktop hoods, sinks and toilets.

For the most part, I use only ionized water to clean our countertops, and for the most part it works really well, but there are some stubborn stains that just cannot be removed with water alone. So I always keep a bottle of cleaner in the cleaning cupboard -- and it's always Green Works. I've loved the Green Works cleaner ever since I first tried it!

Laundry Detergent · Green Works® Laundry Detergent is tough on dirt and stains — and dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin. The powerful combination of naturally derived cleaning ingredients will leave laundry fresh and clean — without phosphates, optical brighteners or harsh chemical residue. The detergent is formulated for both standard and high-efficiency (HE) washers.

The laundry detergent is really working well in our front-loading washer. Even on a cold cycle (I wash all our laundry on a cold cycle), it gets our clothes clean. I also like that it's concentrated, so I don't need to use as much detergent. I do find the scent (we received Original Scent) rather strong, so I think I would probably prefer the Free and Clear.

Bathroom Cleaner
· Green Works® Naturally Derived Bathroom Cleaner is made with plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients that power through soap scum, rust and hard water stains — without harsh chemical fumes and residue. It works powerfully on bathroom counters, sinks, bathtubs, tile and shower doors, removing tough soap scum.

While the Green Works Cleaning Wipes are great for lighter jobs, the Green Works Bathroom cleaner is perfect for doing the dirty work. When it's bathroom cleaning day, this is the product that gets the job done in our household.

To make a long story short, I highly recommend Green Works products. They're available at most groceries and mass-market retailers, so you won't have any problem finding them. You won't have any problem cleaning with them, either!

Disclosure: I received Greenworks product samples via the Mom Bloggers Club to facilitate my review. Product information is provided by the Mom Bloggers Club and is indicated in italics. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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