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I have a love-hate affair with modeling compounds; basically, I love how the stuff inspires creativity, but I hate how it dries up and makes a huge mess. For the sake of creativity and imagination, I let the kids play with it and just suck it up (literally, with a vacuum cleaner) -- but now that Moon Dough has hit the scene, I no longer have to compromise!

The Basics
About Moon Dough
Moon Dough is an out-of-this-world new molding dough that never dries out! Hypo-allergenic and wheat-free, soft and marshmallow-like, Moon Dough does not stick to or stain material. Because Moon Dough never dries out, kids can use it again and again. Moon Dough is the latest and greatest new molding compound for kids ages 2-4 to sculpt into fun creations they will love to play with. The line also offers a variety of enjoyable play sets.

The Bongga

We recently received the Moon Dough Push 'N Pop Ocean Pals playset to review, and I am amazed by its consistency, texture and durability. It truly never dries out! Moon Dough is a lot softer than most of the modeling compounds we've played with. It feels really smooth and silky, sort of like a mix of cornstarch, sugar and water -- but this stuff doesn't rot. I've checked! I left some Moon Dough out of its resealable plastic storage bag for a week, and it still feels as soft and supple as it did when we opened the box.

The Push 'N Pop Ocean Pals playset we received comes with some animal molds, 3 Push N' Pop tools, green and purple moon dough, and a sea-themed play mat. You can use the Moon Dough and the molds to make sea creatures like turtles, fish and starfish. The Push N' Pop molds are super-easy to use: load it up with Moon Dough, set it on the table and push the top -- your molded Moon Dough figure will just pop out! I've heard reports that Moon Dough is too crumbly, but I have to say that we didn't experience that at all. Our Moon Dough sticks together quite nicely.

The Bottom Line
I'm over the moon about Moon Dough's creative, no-mess way to have fun!

Disclosure: I received a sample of Moon Dough via Team Mom to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information is provided by the featured company/product and is indicated in italics. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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