Quest For Zhu releases September 27

The kids have known about the new Zhu Zhu Pets movie, Quest for Zhu, for some time now, and they've been eagerly awaiting the release along with everyone else. So you can imagine their delight when I told them that MomSelect had chosen us to host a Quest for Zhu Premiere Party. The DVD will be hitting shelves this September 27th, so this was truly a first, and the kids were so excited that they would be seeing Quest for Zhu ahead of everyone else!

Here's a synopsis of the movie:
Join the feisty and lovable Pipsqueak as she gets swept away to the other side of the Zhuniverse. On her adventure, she befriends Chunk, Num Nums and Mr. Squiggles, and when they arrive at the Palace of Zhu, they realize it is just the beginning of their remarkable journey. A mean-spirited and controlling reptilian creature, Mezhula, tries to stand in the way of making all of their dreams come true but, by working together, our true Zhu heroes save the day! Pipsqueak realizes she already had everything she ever dreamed of and all she really wants is to find a way back home.

My kids and their friends are big Zhu Zhu Pets fans, so everyone we invited was looking forward to watching the movie. In addition to the Quest for Zhu DVD, MomSelect also sent us some Zhu Zhu activity sheets to get everyone in the Zhu Zhu Zhone (I'll share some of the activity sheets with you all in a future post!), as well as some boxes of Twizzlers to munch on while watching.

Of course, no movie is complete without popcorn, so we had bowlfuls of it to accompany the Twizzlers!

In addition to our human guests, we also had quite a few extra-special guests who were just as excited to watch Quest For Zhu, along with their owners. The kids gave their Zhu Zhus front-row seats for the movie, and I must say, the Zhu Zhu pets behaved extremely well throughout the movie --no chattering or scurrying whatsoever! In fact, the only sound other than the movie soundtrack was the occasional laughter and giggles of the kids during the funny parts.

The kids really enjoyed watching Quest For Zhu. It's a fun movie with lots of cute characters and not-so-scary scenes, so I think it would appeal to most children, but for my kids and other Zhunatics, Quest For Zhu really does have a special place in their hearts. They loved seeing the Zhu Zhu pets or Zhu Zhu playsets that they own appear in the movie, and they loved finally getting to hear what Mr. Squiggles and Chunk and Num Nums sounded like. It was like the Zhuniverse of their imaginations had come to life!

MomSelect also included a set of questions to ask the kids after they watched the movie, and I thought it would be fun to share my own kids' answers with everyone, because a couple of answers are hilarious:

What was your favorite part during the Quest for Zhu movie?
3Po: When they saw Bigfoot.
Jammy: It was all good.
The Pea: When Pipsqueak found herself in the land of Zhu.

Who was your favorite character, and why?
3Po: Mr. Squiggles, because he's silly.
Jammy: Chunk, because he's all dude-ish, and I like that.
The Pea: Num Num, because she's cute and shy and she likes carrots.

What was your favorite song during the movie?
3Po: The Celebration song.
Jammy: The Celebration song.
The Pea: The ABC song.

What lesson did Pipsqueak learn during the movie?
3Po: Don't dislike someone if she's disrespectful to you just once.
Jammy: Don't get too angry at people.
The Pea: To forgive.

Would you recommend the Quest for Zhu movie to a friend?
3Po: Yes!
Jammy: Yes!
The Pea: Yes!

If you could change one thing about the Quest for Zhu movie, what would it be?
3Po: The songs should not be Michael Jackson songs.
Jammy: I would put Kung Zhus in the movie.
The Pea: I would change the way Pipsqueak got to the land of Zhu -- I'm imagining a gentle wind and some birds carrying her, instead of sparkles.

What was your favorite setting from the Quest for Zhu movie?
3Po: The jungle.
Jammy: The Palace.
The Pea: The land of Zhu.

If you could see the Quest for Zhu movie again, would you want to?
The Pea: Yes!

Fortunately, MomSelect gave us the Quest for Zhu movie DVD to keep, so they can!

Disclosure: I received a Quest for Zhu Premiere Party package courtesy of MomSelect. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Patty White said...

Sounds like they really liked it. My kids have to eat Twizzlers too.

mommysap on September 28, 2011 at 11:41 PM said...

How fun!!! I LOVE all the Zhu Zhu lined up watching along! :D

Anonymous said...

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