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There were quite a few memorable brands at BlogHer 2011. Some were old favorites and others were new discoveries. Of the new discoveries, I have to say that none of them were quite like EdenFantasys. They got my vote for the most outrageous (in a good way) party at BlogHer '11, as well as the naughtiest swag at BlogHer '11 (again, in a good way). Given that Eden Fantasys is an online adult toy store, you can imagine what sorts of activities we were up to -- NOT!

The Eden Fantasys party at BlogHer 2011 was actually a fun girls' craft night, with no dirty shenanigans (sort of). It was a nice, intimate event with wine, cheese, crackers and cupcakes (see? I told you it was girly!). We did some arts and crafts, and got to take our creations home.

Here I am, posing with my craft. Can you see what it is?

Well, yes, it is a cute and cuddly monster that I crafted using pipe cleaners, feathers, glue and plastic eyes. But you need to look a bit closer to see what it really is. Here's a closer shot (hint: look at the objects behind my monster):

Is that outrageous, or what?! What better way to hide your personal toys in plain view of the in-laws and the kids?! Of course, they might find it so cute that they decide they want to play with it, and the feathers might fall away, so maybe it's best if you leave this one in your lingerie drawer.....

See, that's what I love about Eden Fantasys. They take such an open, sensible approach to sex. It's not something to be ashamed of, it's something to celebrate! Eden Fantasys is a site where women and couples can visit without worrying that the internet police are going to arrest you or worrying that your email address is being sent to some hardcore porn site, or that you'll all of a sudden begin to receive all kinds of spam in your email inbox, or worse, start getting unwanted porn-site popups on your laptop (try explaining that to your 7 year-old!). Yes, even PTA members can visit. Yes, even couples who host neighborhood block parties can purchase!

If you don't believe me, visit the site and see for yourself. Click around, and you'll see that the site is not just for couples looking to spice up their bedroom activities. A lot of their lingerie is erotic, but they have a great selection of robes, pretty underwear, even sleep masks, that you can buy just for yourself, to feel pretty and confident -- no boyfriend necessary! If you're the maid of honor for an upcoming wedding, Eden Fantasys sells bachelorette party guides and girls' night out guides as well as fun grown-up party favors. As George Michael once said, sex is natural, sex is fun -- and thanks to Eden Fantasys, anyone can enjoy it :)

Disclosure: I will be receiving a gift card to Eden Fantasys as a thank-you for writing this post. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Heather! on September 22, 2011 at 3:12 AM said...

Ha! Totally new spin on 'Arts & Crafts'! Love it!!

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