Peeps for Easter

I recently blogged about my favorite things about Easter, and one item on my list is so cute and sweet, I'm pretty sure everyone in the US will have it on their lists too. Yup, you guessed it: Peeps, peeps, peeps!

When I was growing up, we never had Peeps; I only discovered them as an adult, but I've quickly grown to love these cute marshmallow treats as much as my kids. They're so simple but they're so sweet, just like kids. My kids will eat Peeps right out of the box, but personally I prefer to use them to decorate my Easter treats -- so that everyone gets the pleasure of looking at something pretty before they enjoy the sweetness.

Here's a Peeps Easter basket that I did for our Easter Egg Hunt a couple of years ago. It's super easy to make: Just prepare some brownie mix, then pour a little bit (about 1/3 or 1/4 cup) into a waffle cup. Then put the waffle cup into the oven and bake the brownies as you normally would (or, you can bake the brownies first, then stuff them into the bottle of the waffle cup). Once the brownies have cooled, scoop some neapolitan ice cream on top and decorate with some edible Easter grass, chocolate eggs, and a marshmallow Peep. It's an easy-peasy dessert that was an instant hit with every child at our Easter Egg Hunt! I got major mom props for that one :)

The Pea's birthday is in April (it's today, as a matter of fact: Happy 10th Birthday, Pea!), so quite a few of her birthday parties have had an Easter theme (it's appropriate, and even better, if it falls just after Easter, all the Easter candies are on sale, so I can go all out with the Easter Eggs and Peeps!). For her birthday last year, I decorated her birthday cake with cute pink and yellow Bunny Peeps. She and her friends loved it, and they loved it even more when they saw that I had packed some more Bunny Peeps into their goody bags! I guess Peeps just bring a smile onto everyone's face, so they're the perfect way to celebrate!

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