Cahooties for Party Favors

Today is The Pea's 10th birthday, and she had a wonderful surprise waiting for her when she got home from school! We've been planning her birthday party for a couple of weeks now, and when I asked her what she wanted to put in her guests' goody bags, she chose Cahooties, the fun and reusable fortune-telling game that we reviewed last December. She has been having lots of fun with Cahooties at playdates and on car trips. It's tough to get bored with Cahooties because they have so many varieties. Each Cahootie has a different theme; for instance, Sporty Girls asks questions about the kinds of sports girls like to play, and Best Friends Forever tests girls on how well they know their BFFs, while Truth or Dare gets girls daring each other to do fun, silly (and don't worry, safe!) things.

I told The Pea that I thought it was a great idea, because Cahooties will last way longer than your average goody bag favor, which usually breaks within 5 minutes (that is, if parents opposed to having more useless plastic junk in the house don't throw it away first). Cahooties is a game that girls can play with again and again -- unlike those fortune-teller games you fold out of paper, Cahooties is made of sturdy, laminated paper, and comes with its own storage box.

Unbeknownst to The Pea, Cahooties generously offered to supply her guests with an assortment of Cahooties, so each of them will get to try out this fun game! She went wild when she saw the box of Cahooties, and immediately began matching up Cahooties to her friends based on their interests. We are planning a swimming party and I think I will hand out the Cahooties near the end of the party so the girls can start playing with them. Water and Cahooties is all the entertainment that 10-year-olds need. Ha! This is going to be the easiest party ever. Stay tuned for my Cahooties party post -- I plan to blog about all the fun the girls had with Cahooties!

Disclosure: Thank you to Cahooties for providing an assortment of Cahooties for my daughter and her friends to play with. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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1st communion favors on April 6, 2011 at 8:18 PM said...

Party favors that's best for all the kids. They just love parties!

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