Mike and Ike welcome back Retro Flavors for a limited time

There's a lot of Eighties hating, and with good reason.  The Eighties gave us mullets, pouffy highlighted bangs, padded shoulders, overly synthesized pop music and acid-wash jeans.  But not everything from the Eighties is bad.  That decade produced some true gems, like Madonna and Michael Jackson, Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.  Some of the good stuff is getting back into fashion, and why not?  Some things are just too good to be left behind in the past.

In keeping with the Eighties revival, Mike and Ike candies has resurrected two of their popular flavors: MIKE AND IKE® varieties CHERRI AND BUBB® and LEM AND MEL®.   CHERRI AND BUBB® was first introduced 1989, and LEM AND MEL® followed in 1991, and candy lovers have been longing for them ever since.

Now they're back, and better than ever!  My kids are big MIKE AND IKE fans, so I was happy to review the new flavors.  The packaging is super retro, with the old MIKE AND IKE logo (Mike and Ike hadn't split up yet at that point!)  and cute candy characters.  As their names would suggest, CHERRI AND BUBB® are cherry and bubblegum flavors, while  LEM AND MEL® are watermelon flavors.  Each flavor is quite distinct, and we were all able to identify the flavors easily.  Only 2 people made a mistake: 3Po thought the cherry was strawberry (well, they're both red), and Alfie thought the lemon was orange (he's color blind!). We all had a different favorite flavor -- mine is definitely lemon!  They're really yummy and flavorful, and I think I like these flavors better than any of the MIKE AND IKE flavors currently on the market!

Look for CHERRI AND BUBB® and LEM AND MEL® candies in candy stores and online at http://buzz.mw/-jeF_0   -- you need to stock up, because they're only available for a limited time.  They'll be sold until April 2013, so hurry!

Disclosure: I received product samples from Mike and Ike to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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