Introducing New Post Sesame Street Cereal

We all know that Cookie Monster's favorite C word is Cookie, but these days he's singing a different tune: Cookie now understands that Cookies are a Sometime Food.  For everyday snacks and meals, Cookie Monster can look to a different kind of C: Cereal! Post Cereals is introducing Sesame Street Cereals called C is for Cereal.  It comes in 2 flavors:  A is for Apple, and B is for Banana.

Here's why infants and toddlers will love this cereal:

* The box features two of the most beloved Sesame Street characters, Elmo (on the apple flavor) and Cookie Monster (on the banana flavor) in front, as well as fun activities on the back.  Kids will love looking at the box while they eat their breakfast!

* The cereal itself comes in fun X and O shapes. Who doesn't love a cereal that you can use to play tic-tac-toe with?

* You can just catch a hint of banana and apple flavor.  It's almost more of a fruity smell than a taste, it's so subtle.  Kids who are used to sugary or flavored cereals will find it bland, but that's why it's a great first food for infants and toddlers -- you can teach your child from the start that not everything that's yummy has to be sweet.

Here's why parents will love this cereal:

* The cereal is easy to chew (or gum, if your toddler doesn't have all his teeth yet!), so the risk of choking is minimized.

* The cereal is made with oats and corn, with very little sugar, and is fortified with iron and zinc.  A 3/4 cup serving (recommended size for kids under age 4) contains 20 grams of whole grain, 110 calories and 1 gram of sugar.

I'm so glad Sesame Street is being choosy about which products their characters endorse.  This is the perfect kind of cereal for Elmo and Cookie Monster to be eating -- high in whole grains and low in sugar.   Let's face it, if Elmo and Cookie Monster are eating it, you can bet your toddler will eat it!  I'm giving Sesame Street Cereal an A for Awesome!

Disclosure:I received a product sample from Post.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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