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This is a compensated post.

If you're interested in quantifying and keeping track of your social media influence, check out HireInfluence, which launched early this month.  Yes, there are other sites that measure social media influence, but only HireInfluence uses their measure (known as Strength Factor) to help you connect with companies that are looking to work with social media influencers like you!

It's easy to set up your HireInfluence profile -- I completed my HireInfluence profile in about 5 minutes --  just log in with your Twitter account and input a few key pieces of data like the industries you have worked in, number of years experience in sales/marketing/advertising, languages spoken, etc.. You can also connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and I highly recommend you do so because it really helps increase your Strength Factor.  The number of years you have worked in sales/marketing/advertising also has a big impact on your Strength Factor (which unfortunately is actually a disadvantage for popular bloggers and social media mavens who have not worked in this field before).

Once you set up your profile, your Strength Factor is calculated and displayed in your profile.  Here's a sample profile:

You can use the information in your HireInfluence report to build brand relationships and approach companies you’d like to work with. Even better, those brands and companies can find you easily as well!

About HireInfluence:
As the first social media platform that goes beyond an influencer score by gauging real, impactful influence with quantified results, HireInfluence will change the game on who is considered "influential" and how companies approach marketing campaigns.

For consumers, HireInfluence is a platform that allows them to showcase their abilities, be discovered by companies looking for advocates and validate their social ability – showing a true social footprint.
For companies, by giving a 360-degree view of an individual's social media and work history, HireInfluence allows companies to quickly research and immediately identify the most impactful brand and product advocates for a marketing campaign or do a "social media background check" on a candidate.

"Other platforms simply score influence, but HireInfluence has created the gold standard in identifying and engaging marketing professionals. Nowhere else can a business instantly find impactful, influential advocates based on its specific search criteria," said Jason Pampell , HireInfluence CEO and Founder. "From hiring advocates for a campaign to filling a permanent position, companies want to be sure that who they make an investment in will deliver, and HireInfluence has taken the criteria that companies need to make that decision and built a platform around it."

Some of the capabilities and highlights of the HireInfluence interface include:

  • Search – A search engine that gives businesses unprecedented search criteria options to strategically identify and leverage "Networking Superstars" in their target market or industry.
  • Proprietary Score – A "Strength Factor" score based on real influence, to include the level of impact the influencer has via each social channel, as well as real work experience within specific industries.
  • Social analyzing – A first-to-market aggregation and validation of the results, to include demographics of friends and followers, location of influence, key words used and engaged vs. fake followers, to name a few.
  • Star Rating – Each person's profile has a star rating given by other companies as well as rankings against other Networkers to "recruit with confidence."
  • Social Media Background Check - Printed profile for a sales or promotional employment opportunity.

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card
To sweeten the deal, HireInfluence is giving away 3 $100 Amazon gift cards to 3 random people who activate their profiles between now and March 25th!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for this post in the form of an Amazon gift card.. Product information (in italics) is provided by the featured company/product. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Unknown on April 7, 2013 at 7:29 PM said...

The tool sounds great for social media campaigns and would help keep things organized. I will be checking it out for sure.

social media for companies

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