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3Po and Jammy have always loved tinkering with music.  Even when all we had was a 10-key electronic keyboard glued to a board book (I'm not even sure if those notes were in tune), they loved playing it and making their own songs.  Fast-forward several years later, to 2013; the boys have been taking piano lessons for a little over 18 months, and they still like making their own tunes.  Now that they know a bit more about notes, chords and key signatures, their little compositions sound more like real tunes!

Nowadays, young kids don't need to rely on toy keyboards to get a start on their musical discoveries, thanks to the iPad!  Music making apps like Nota, Pianist Pro, Piano and others let iPad owners play their favorite songs and make music of their own.

One great new music app for kids that has come out is Mibblio.  It combines music making with an interactive songbook, and it's a lot of fun!   Mibblio has a library of story-songs (available to purchase) featuring your child's favorites like Wheels on the Bus and On Top of Spaghetti.  Your child can play the songs, read the lyrics, look at the pictures and touch a variety of icons that make musical sounds to accompany the song!

Mibblio is free to download, and you get one free Mibblet to start with (we chose "On Top of Spaghetti").  Kids can do any number of things to accompany the song -- they can touch the tambourine icon to make tambourine songs, swipe the harp icon to make harp sounds, or touch the keyboard to play notes.  You can set the keyboard to play notes with different kinds of sounds -- piano, guitar, violin, xylophone, accordion and more.  If your child likes music, you should definitely check out Mibblio.

More about the app
Mibblio is the first interactive musical/storybook app of its kind. With an intuitive design, Mibblio is easy to use and creates a world where children can read, sing, learn and play music all at the same time!

Inside Mibblio is a world of beautiful mibblets - illustrated story-songs that invite children to read, sing and jam while understanding the layers of developing music. Targeted to children ages 3-8, kids can listen to and build upon a song while simultaneously having fun and improving reading skills.

A mix of classic songs such as “On Top of Spaghetti” and “The Wheels on the Bus” alongside new, instant classics like “Monkey Jamboree,” are written, illustrated, sung and performed by accomplished artists such as Grammy-nominated mandolinist, Andy Statman and Grammy-winning drummer Marty Beller.

Now parents can watch and listen as children understand the layers of developing music and learn the basics of creating a song, while simultaneously improving reading skills.

href="">Mibblio: A
Musical Book App for Kids
from Mibblio on Vimeo

Disclosure: Mibblio is providing me with an iTunes gift card as a thank-you for posting this information. Product information (in italics) is provided by Mibblio, via Child's Play Communications. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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