Redakai Starter Pack review

Over the course of the schoolyear, my boys get invited to a fair amount of birthday parties. This year, all their little friends will be getting the same present: a Redakai starter pack. I admit, my motives are rather selfish. After I brought a pack of Redakai cards back from BlogHer, 3Po and Jammy loved it so much that they spent some of their own money to go out and buy themselves their own Redakai starter pack. And now 3Po and Jammy want their friends to own Redakai cards so they can do battle with all of them!

That said, I'm sure all of the boys' friends will love Redakai as much as as 3Po and Jammy. You can actually play the Redakai basic card game with just a single pack of cards (check out my previous Redakai post for all you need to know about playing Redakai!), but having the Starter Pack makes it so much more fun!

The Starter Pack comes with an X-Reader, which is a little card case for storing and displaying the Redakai cards. The top of the X-Reader lifts up so you can slide a character card inside and display it:

When you are playing the game, you are supposed to lay cards (either attack cards or monster cards) on top of your character cards. The X-Reader keeps them all nicely stacked up; all you have to do is slide a card into the frame, like so:

You store your Redakai cards in the bottom compartment of the X-Reader, which makes it great for taking into the car for a long trip, or to a friend's house. It holds quite a few cards, so kids can have a good game wherever they are. The lid can be difficult to snap shut and to open, and I'm always afraid that it will break if one of the boys is a bit overexcited. Just remind them not to force it open so it will last a long time.

Aside from the X-Reader, the Starter Pack comes with two packs of Redakai cards, 11 per pack, for a total of 22 cards. It's really all you need to get started with Redakai, and it's quite inexpensive, so it makes the perfect birthday present for both the parent and the birthday boy!

Disclosure: I purchased this product with my own money (or rather, my sons did). The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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