Introducing Polarn O. Pyret

My kids hate jeans. None of them like the stiff fabric and heavy zippers; when it comes to clothes, they're all about comfort. But I don't want my kids in baggy tees and sweats all the time, either. I mean, looking like a couch potato is just one step away from being one, and besides, how are those talent scouts going to discover my kids for the next big J&J ad or Oscar Meyer hotdog commercial if they're not dressed for the part?

Enter Polarn O. Pyret, a children's clothing label I just discovered. But saying I discovered it is like saying Columbus discovered America, because Polarn O. Pyret has actually been around for over 30 years, and they're one of the top children's clothing brands in Sweden (they're the top-searched brand for kids' clothes on Swedish Ebay!). Now they're bringing their clothes to the US, starting with their online store (which, incidentally, is having a great summer sale -- my fingers are itching to click on that "Purchase" button!).

Polarn O. Pyret gave me some clothing samples for my kids to try, and right out of the package I could feel how soft they were. As soon as The Pea slipped her turqoise shirt on, she said, "Ooooooh, this feels niiiiiiice....!". She says both the shirt and leggings are easy to bounce around in (oh my poor, abused bed), but was sad to have to pass the leggings on to her younger cousin because she found the stitching in the crotch uncomfortable (I told you my kids are picky about the feel of their clothes).

Jammy quickly rushed to claim this gorgeous red-and-white striped shirt (stripes are Polarn's signature look!) before 3Po could get his hands on it. I thought the shirt looked a bit snug but he refused to give it up. It certainly looked long enough, so maybe that's how it's supposed to be. Hey, if he wants that Ricky Martin look, it's fine by me; he actually looks kind of cute in it. And the bright red stripes came in handy when he wanted to dress the part for the 4th of July.

All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to buy more kids' clothing from Polarn O. Pyret (I would definitely order a size up, as all the clothing samples seemed to run small: Jammy is an average-sized 5 year old, and the red striped shirt says "4-6 years", and The Pea is a very-above-average 8 year old, wearing POP's size "8-10 years"). Their clothes are original and stylish enough to get people to take a second look and wonder where we got it. None of the bright colors were lost in the first wash (no colored rinse-water at all to stain other clothes), and it looks like they'll be outgrowing these clothes before they fade. Most important, they're nice and soft-- clothes my kids can move and play in.

More about the company
Polarn O. Pyret is a premium children’s wear brand from Sweden, always identifiable by its iconic stripes and classic style with an edgy twist. From our humble beginnings in 1976, with a striped jersey and a desire to make better clothes for children, we are now a company with roughly 100 stores across Sweden and Europe. Now the fastest growing children’s clothing company in the Nordic region, our philosophy has not changed since the debut of our very first striped T shirt: children need clothes they can play in. Check out Polarn O. Pyret's signature stripes collection, basic mix-and-match separates, eco-friendly clothing line and more at

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Nicole Feliciano on July 13, 2009 at 10:56 AM said...

Thanks for filling me in on this new brand!

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