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One of the simplest ways a household can reduce their impact on the planet is to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Simple, right? Except, not really. Three or four years ago, many of the eco-friendly cleaners that started coming out of the woodwork and landing on supermarket shelves didn't actually clean all that well, and they were expensive to boot. So when I first saw Clorox Green Works cleaners last year, I got all excited. Even though I hadn't tried it yet, I figured it must be good, otherwise Clorox wouldn't risk their reputation on the products. And I was right.

Here's a little peek into my cleaning closet. It's stuffed to the brim, but when I come to think of it, I could probably throw away half the stuff in there. Usually the cleaning products I use are the ones nearest the front. And no, I did not rearrange it so that the Green Works products are strategically placed in front. I actually use them!

I don't know how Green Works was able to see what's in my closet (Is there a camera in there? Did the Bush wiretapping scheme go a little too far?) but they must have known that I'm a big fan -- why else was I was invited to their Natural Networking Lunch, next Friday at BlogHer? I'm excited because it's going to be a great opportunity to meet other eco-conscious bloggers, to network with the Green Works people, and get a sneak peek at some exciting new products they'll be launching at BlogHer.

Oh what the hell. I might as well spill the beans, because it's on the Green Works site anyway. The latest addition to the Green Works product line is the Green Works Laundry Detergent and Green Works Stain Remover. These babies are green in so many ways:

* they're plant-based
* they're formulated using biodegradable ingredients
* they're concentrated, so it uses less packaging
* they're not tested on animals
* they use recyclable packaging
* they're great for standard and HE (high efficiency washers)

Green Works sent me a sample of the liquid detergent and stain remover to try. I can't vouch for the stain remover just yet (no stains, tough or otherwise to remove recently), but the detergent is great. The Pea likes the original scent they sent (nice pun there) but I must confess I wish they had sent me the lavender scent (lavender is my fave!). It works just fine in our front-loading washer on a cold cycle, and since it's concentrated I don't need to use as much detergent (and this forgetful mom doesn't need to remember to buy more detergent). I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Green Works people at next Friday's lunch to compliment them on their new laundry products -- and ask them when they're coming up with an automatic dishwasher liquid that actually cleans my dishes.

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