Nuo Tech Eco-Friendly Laptop Sleeves

For most people, a laptop or netbook represents a sizeable investment, and protecting it from bumps and scratches is of the utmost importance. There are any number of laptop bags, cases and sleeves available, but a lot of them are just boring basic black. Nowadays, people want their laptops, and the cases they come in, to reflect their personalities and sense of style! I was recently invited to review a laptop sleeve from Nuo Tech, a leading supplier of fashion computer bags, luggage and laptop sleeves; here's what I thought:

The Basics
Nuo Tech, LLC, designs technology cases for today's fashionistas and mobile professionals. The complete collection includes Nuo-branded messenger bags and sleeves, as well as a fashion line designed by Kailo Chic that includes smartphone pouches, netbook and laptop sleeves, messengers and totes. They now also have an eco-friendly line of totes, sleeves and messenger bags that ease airline travel and protect netbooks, laptops and other mobile gadgets.

The Bongga
Nuo Tech sent me a Slim Sleeve laptop case from their Kailo Chic collection. They must be clairvoyant, because they sent me a design in my all-time favorite color scheme: pink, white and dark brown! Maybe they just took note of the colors on my blog, but whatever the case, they won big points with me for their designs. Everything from their laptops to their messenger bags to their cell phone holders screams Chic Style; you wouldn't even guess these bags serve such a mundane, utilitarian purpose because they're so fashionable!

The laptop sleeve gets even more points for being so practical -- it's nicely padded, but still slim enough for you to tuck it into a larger tote without looking like a bag lady. Also, you don't have to take the laptop out of the sleeve when you go through airport checkpoints. But I have to bestow the biggest points on this line because it's made of eco-friendly material. Stylish, practical and earth-friendly, what more do you need?

The Blah
The case they gave me fit Alfie's Dell Inspiron perfectly, but was too large for my small laptop. Given the increasing popularity of netbooks, and now the iPad, I'd love to see more designs for the smaller-sized portables!

The Bottom Line
Stylish, practical and eco-friendly, Nuo Tech cases have everything you want to protect your laptops, netbooks and phones.

Save 20% at the Nuo Online Store!
At Nuo Tech, the Earth Day celebrations are still going strong: purchase a product from Nuo's online store before April 30 and receive 20% off!

Disclosure: I received a product sample, but was not paid to review the product or give my opinions. Unless clearly stated, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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