Beasty Buddies: Handcrafted Fleece Monster Hat & Plush Dolls

Today was the first day I felt really cold in the morning.  I know there are blizzards and snowstorms already raging in the Midwest, but hey, this is California!  So we're reluctantly dusting off our cold-weather gear and consoling ourselves that our expanded opportunities to make fashion statements outweighs the misery of feeling cold.

Here's a new clothing line that's sure to warm the body and soul:  Beasty Buddies fleece hats.  These monster hats have got it all:  warmth and style, personality and soul.  Each one is based on a magical Beasty Buddy character, each with his own unique back story and personality.

We were sent the Zorlag pirate monster hat (and matching plush keychain) to review, and it is so cute! The hat is bright, colorful, and a bit zany.  What kid wouldn't want to be sporting horns and a fauxhawk?
Handcrafted Fleece Monster Hat & Plush Dolls

The other monster styles look just as cute.  Don't worry, ladies, there are Beasty Buddies styles for girly-girls as well as fierce females! I especially love the Viking horned helmet and Valkyrie winged helmet, both with long braids!  Don't worry, none of the helmets (or any of the hats) will cause any concussions: they're made from soft, comfy plush.  They come in 3 sizes so everyone from toddlers to adults can get in on the fun.  Hopefully these monsterrific hat will make it a bit easier to convince my sons to wear a warm hat when it gets cold!

About Beasty Buddies
Beasty Buddies fleece hats are the softest, warmest, fuzziest, and most original hats on Earth! Uniquely designed in the USA and lovingly made by hand with the finest materials found on Earth, Beasty Buddies Hats are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! With a complete size range, everyone from toddlers to adults will wear ‘em. The myths and legends of Beasty Buddies Monsters, Dragons, Creatures, Vikings & Woodland Elves have come alive in a fantastic and fuzzy form of head ware.

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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