Celebrate National Book Month with new American Girl titles

Did you know that October is National Book Month?  Every month of the year is a great time to read, of course, and some kids need no encouragement to bury their nose into a book, but for those who have not yet discovered the delights of reading, the National Book Foundation has some great ideas for getting kids and parents involved, as well as reading lists for all ages and stages.

After many years of frustration, trying to get my boys to read on their own. I learned two important tips for getting kids interested in reading: Find a subject they love, and find a format they love.  If a book is about something your child loves -- dinosaurs, magic, fairies, cars, Star Wars -- he'll want to read it.  And even if the subject matter interests your child, don't be discouraged if he still won't read the book.  Maybe she doesn't like chapter books. Maybe she likes books with larger type fonts. Maybe she prefers comics, or reference books, or magazines, or craft/activity books with instructions.  That's okay!   The important thing is to keep them reading so that they pass the stage where they're struggling with the HOW TOs of reading, and start paying attention to WHAT they're reading.   That's when they start reading independently, and that's when the world opens up to them.  So if your boy likes superhero comic books, let him read!  If your girl likes activity books or magazines, let her read!

If you're looking for books to feed your reader's appetite, or books to get your girl started, check out some of American Girl's latest titles for girls.  They're all about the things girls love -- slumber parties, friends, crafts, quizzes, activities -- so they're sure to engage and delight. Here are some of the latest American Girl books that we're enjoying:

Slumber Wonders: Everything you need to host the perfect slumber party, from games to shopping lists to decorating tips to crafts.

Bored No More! Quiz Book: Perfect for slumber parties or playdates, this book contains lots of quizzes to blast away the bores and snores.

Picture Yourself Here: Girls can personalize a special scrapbook by adding their photos to silly scenes.  They can decorate them and personalize them with punch-out illustrations and captions, the wackier the better!

Innerstar University series:  Based on American Girl's popular online world, the Innerstar University books are interactive books that let readers imagine themselves as the main character in the series.  There are more than 20 different endings to a story, so girls can enjoy the book again and again.  The latest titles include Quick Change and Bound for Snow.

Innerstar University Sidelines:  A companion series to the Innerstar University books, these new nonfiction books will help girls with art, grammar, geography and math through puzzles, tips and advice from the girls at Innerstar University.  The titles include I Heart Art, Greatest Mistakes, Math + Fashion=Fun, and Find Your Way!.

Disclosure: I received review samples of select American Girl books.. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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