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Having a baby changes your life -- your body, your schedule, your priorities... and don't forget, your finances.  Kids cost money!  According to a survey, 42% of moms expect to spend a whopping $10,00 during their first year alone.  Think about it -- you'll be needing diapers, food, clothes, a crib, and a carseat at the bare minimum.  You'll probably be buying a stroller, highchair, changing table, dresser, wipes, toys, sippy cups, plates, and other basic gear.  Throw in baby music classes, babysitters, formula, possibly a new car or house to make room, and soon you're staring at $10,000!   That's why buying discounted or used for many baby things just makes sense.   Babies outgrow things so quickly, you'll easily be able to get gently used gear for a great price -- and when you're done with it, you can sell it yourself, lowering your total cost even more.   Here are my favorite places for finding discounted or used baby stuff:

Discount sites
You can buy diapers and wipes in bulk at Sam's Club, Costco, Walmart and other big box stores.  You can also get great deals on online discounted sites.

Moms club posting boards
One of the best reasons for joining a mom's group is access to their community boards, where moms advertise items they have for sale. They are usually first-come-first-served, not auction-based, so you need to respond ASAP when you see an item you want.  You can also post an "item wanted" post in the hopes that someone will respond!


There are also lots of good postings on Craigslist; personally I prefer moms club postings since they're from a closed group, but I have got some amazing Craigslist bargains!

Moms club sales
When moms clubs put on sales, you know for sure you're going to find cheap baby gear:  cheap baby mattress, bedding, high chairs, etc..  Always try to get there as early as you can if you are looking for a specific item; if you are just browsing, get their just before closing time, when sellers put their items on deep discounts as they try to get rid of them.

City-wide garage sales
Garage sales are a great place to find cheap dinner napkins, tableware, bikes, skateboards, tables, chairs, you name it -- but you never know what you're going to find. The more garage sales you go to, the better chance you'll have of finding what you're looking for, so hitting a lot of sales in one morning is so much more efficient than going to one every weekend.

Don't forget Goodwill!  You can get baby toys, baby clothes, baby dinnerware sets cheap as well as other items, and you're helping out a good cause.

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