I heart Heart PJ's!

I've been blogging about EdenFantasys products for some time now, and although I've offered many suggestions for various occasions, like body moisturizers for holiday stocking stuffers or sexy costumes for Halloween, none of my posts have been actual product reviews.  Here's my first one:

In February, I recommended this heart sleep set below as a Valentine's Day present.  Here's what I said about it:  This heart sleep set is comfy, yet flirty. The satin material and little pink hearts make it the perfect romantic present for "shy guys" -- and it's a great first step towards naughtier lingerie!

That wasn't just an empty compliment:  I did fall in love with the set, and went online to EdenFantasys.com and ordered it for myself.  It was everything I hoped it would be!

Here's why I like it so much:

* It runs true to size (I'm wearing a large), so there were no surprises and no need for returns or exchanges;

* It's well made; I've machine-washed it in cold water and dried it on a low setting several times, and it has yet to fade, shrink or fray at the seams or ends;

* It's super comfy, and I can lounge in it for hours;

* I love the cute pink heart design.

* It's decent enough for me to walk around in it in front of my father-in-law;

* It's feminine enough to send the message that there's a naughtier girl underneath the sweet pajamas!

If you're not into sex toys, this makes a great innocent, non-controversial present. The only thing I found somewhat lacking was the presentation; it came in a plastic bag with a cardboard insert, similar to how a Halloween costume is packaged.  I'll probably have to take it out of the bag, wrap it in tissue and put it in a  nice box.  I'd love to gift a set of these to each of my two sisters, so we can have a heart pj party!

Disclosure: EdenFantasy is providing me with a gift card in exchange for this post.  I purchased the outfit featured on this post with an EdenFantasys gift card provided to me for a previous post. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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