28 reasons to walk

Growing up in the Philippines, I never walked anywhere if I could help it. With all the heat and pollution, I rode in cars any time I could. Since moving to California, I've come to love spending time in the outdoors, but I still drive around way too much (living in the suburbs doesn't help!). So LinkI'm really quite proud of myself for sticking to the Walkabout Challenge that I began with Orthaheel and Weil Integrative Footwear 3 weeks ago. 49 other Walkabout Ambassadors and I were challenged to walk every day for 28 days (4 weeks), and amazingly, I've been walking every single day! It hasn't been easy, but I've managed to walk every day for 30 minutes or more. Most of the times those walks have been short jaunts around the neighborhood -- picking the kids up from school, or making a quick trip to the drugstore. Normally I'd drive, but this month I used my feet instead of my car. Those little trips have added up, and I've been enjoying the benefits already. Here are 28 reasons I'm enjoying my daily walks, 28 reasons I'm resolving to continue my walking habit even after the Challenge ends -- and 28 reasons you should incorporate more walking into your life:

I'm saving gas money
I'm reducing wear and tear on my car
I'm reducing my carbon footprint
I don't have to worry about finding parking
I'm saving parking money
I'm increasing my life expectancy
I'm strengthening my heart
I'm reducing my risk of cancer
I'm lowering my blood pressure
I'm keeping my bones strong
I'm doing a low-impact form of exercise
I'm maintaining my weight
I feel better about giving myself a treat now and then
I'm firming up my glutes
I'm shaping up my calves
I'm working my hamstrings
I sleep better at night
It's a great excuse to buy cute exercise wear
It's a great excuse to buy cute new walking shoes
It's a great excuse to hold my husband's hand
I'm spending more time outdoors
I'm enjoying the beautiful spring flowers
I feel more in tune with nature
It's a better way of relieving stress than a pint of ice cream
It's a way to force me to get away from the computer
I love the natural high I get when my body releases endorphins
I'm setting a great example for my kids
I feel good knowing I'm doing my body and mind so much good!

Disclosure: As an ambassador for the 28-day Walkabout Challenge for Orthaheel USA and Weil Integrative Footwear, I received a package containing a pair of Dr. Weil footwear and other promotional items. I will not be receiving any other form of compensation for my participation. Don't forget to check out what the 49 other Walkabout Ambassadors are doing!The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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