Theme Days at Galileo Summer Quest

The Pea is attending Galileo Summer Quest for the first time; she has been at camp for only four days, and already one of her favorite things about GSQ is Theme Day. They have five Special Days scheduled for the two-week camp session: Wacky Tacky Day, Water Day, Dress Like A Staffer Day, Galloween and Rep Your Major or Minor Day.

For Wacky Tacky Day, she went the Las Vegas Tourist route, and I have to say she really pulled the look off. Then again, her major (i.e. area of concentration for most of her activities and projects during the two weeks) is Fashion Design, so I guess all the sketching and sewing and learning about trends and fashion is rubbing off.

Today was Water Day, and The Pea enjoyed herself so much, she couldn't stop talking about her day on the way home. It's amazing how much splashy fun these tweens and teens had without setting foot in a pool! ( today's post on Bonggamom Finds is all about some of the games they played today)

Tomorrow she has to dress like her favorite camp counselor, which I thought was a pretty challenging task, but this GSQ Fashion Design Major has it all planned out. She's going to wear a blue shirt, because all Galileo staffers wear blue shirts with a Galileo logo (what a shame I gave away her old Camp Galileo camp shirts!), and she's going to make a lanyard with the counselor's name on it. The Pea's favorite counselor also has blond hair, which she wears in a ponytail with a stripe of red haircolor sprayed on the back, which will be easy to imitate. The final touch will be track shorts like the counselor wears, and come tomorrow, no one will be able to tell them apart.

Next week's Theme Days include Galloween, when campers show up in costume, and Rep your Major or Minor Day, when all campers in a certain Major or Minor wear the same color and put on a show to demonstrate to their proud parents what they've been learning for the past two weeks. The Pea will be strutting down the Red Carpet, model a creation that she is designing (and will sew!) herself. Aside from Fashion Design, The Pea signed up for 2 Minor tracks -- Hip-Hop Dance and Jewelry Design -- so she'll also be doing a dance performance and a jewelry trunk show. These past four days have been busy, and it looks like the rest of her time at Galileo Summer Quest will be just as busy -- and thanks to their Theme Days, just as fun. I can't wait!

Disclosure: Disclosure: Galileo Learning provided my daughter with a complimentary session at Galileo Summer Quest to facilitate my posts. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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