Are your kids up to no good?

I fell in love with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series as soon as my daughter brought home the first book. Sure, it's not exactly heavy reading, and the characters can be overly sarcastic, lazy and selfish -- but they are funny and very, very real. Kids can really relate to them! And so can parents. Rodrick and Greg Heffley have got to be the ultimate experts on getting into trouble and covering the evidence up -- at least that's what their mom, Susan, lets them think. Somehow, despite their zany parenting methods, Susan and Frank Heffley have ended up raising two pretty good kids (I'm passing judgement on Manny until he learns to toilet train), so they must be doing something right!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the DVD of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules, and to celebrate kids and parents at every age and stage, here's a fun article about how to tell when your kids are hiding something from you, and how you can help them.

Parents Beware! Parents know their kids "hiding something" face but how often can you tell what your kids are really up to? Here are a few tips on how to tell when your kids are getting into trouble and some solutions to keep parents two steps ahead of the game every time.


Junk Food
Junk food under the bed, dresser, closet, backpack.... the list can go on- is a common thing that kids hide. Do a quick parent sweep from time to time and make sure they're not spoiling their appetite, or teeth. Signs that your kids might be stashing junk food start with their appetite. If your kids aren't hungry at dinnertime, and their in perfectly good health, it's time to start checking their pockets for Gummy Bears. Also, finding wrappers on their bedroom floor is a major sign they're sneaking junk food. Encourage your kids to eat healthy snacks and you can play a major role by stocking your kitchen with healthier treats. Don't let them get past you!

A Bad Grade
It's understandable that kids get intimidated when it's time to tell mom and dad they got a bad grade. It's possible your kids might try to hide the bad grade by never showing it to you. A major sign your kids are hiding their grades is telling you the grades aren't ready yet, or if it seems like your kids are avoiding the question altogether. Come out on top by asking their teachers for their grading styles, ie., How many days after assignments/tests are submitted,will grades be ready? Another great tip is to encourage your kids to communicate with you,even when it's bad news, because you will be able to provide them with the best support. Mom and Dad will surely understand!

Not Doing Their Chores
From saying they did their homework to insisting they did their chores, kids will always try to find a way to get out of something. Obviously, if the dishes aren't washed, but they said they did them, then your kids aren't having to try too hard to get passed you. Be stern and consistent when implementing your rules. A nice routine to have with your kids is to look over their homework every night and take a quick sweep at chores they were supposed to do. They shouldn't be able to get by Mom or Dad!

Their Location
With pre-teen/teens in mind, you might start noticing a lot of, I'm at Sarah's house again or We're at the mall. Parents should spot this trip immediately since they pulled it at some point or another in their youth. If your kids say they were at a movie but can't tell you the name or plot at all, well, your kids weren't there! Most teens have a cellphone now a days so make sure you go over Mom and Dad's rules for keeping a cellphone. Now a days, it's convenient for parents to keep tabs on their kids via cellphone, however, the results could backfire. If you make sure cell phone rules are strongly enforced. Mom and Dad will definitely have the upper hand on this one

Breaking Something Valuable
Let's face it, when kids get bored, they are bound to get themselves into trouble. They sneakily pass you in the kitchen with a suspicious look on their face and expect you not to notice. Well,it is likely your kids probably just broke your favorite vase, ripped the leather in your car, spilled red juice on your new white couches, you name it, they probably did it! Kids are going to try and hide the incident, or at least delay your discovery as long as they can. When you notice your kids are acting strangely (stranger than usual anyway), and believe they are hiding something, confront them. Let them know that if they fess up and tell the truth, the consequences will be much less sever. Take a tip from Susan, take control, and show them who's boss!

I wasn't able to see this movie at the theatres, so I can't wait for the DVD to come out! Here's more information about the upcoming DVD:

Greg Heffley is about to discover that there is something worse than middle school: his own family!Based on the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Best Book Series, the original film cast returns in DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES, available on Blu-ray and DVD on June 21st.

For Greg and Roderick's mother, Susan (Rachael Harris, The Hangover), having a full house can take it's toll, especially with these two. This flick takes sibling rivalry to entirely new levels as big brother and little brother wrestle through growing pains. Just back from summer vacation, Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon, National Treasure: Book of Secrets) and his friend Rowley (Robert Capron, The Sorcerer's Apprentice) enter the next grade as undersized weaklings in their school. A bully favorite, Greg tries not to get noticed by anyone except the pretty new girl, Holly Hills (Peyton List, 27 Dresses). And at home,Greg is still at war with his older brother, Rodrick (Devon Bostick, Degrassi), until their mom Susan instigates a "Mom Bucks" program so Greg and Rodrick can earn play money by doing chores and "gasp!" being nice to each other. Calamity ensues when their parents return from vacation and dad Frank (Steve Zahn, A Perfect Getaway) finds evidence that Rodrick secretly threw a house party with his band, Löded Diper. As they struggle with school and compete for "Mom Bucks", the brothers discover that avoiding trouble is easier if they unite and their once-twisted partnership grows into a hilariously playful and sometimes mischievous friendship.

Stay tuned for a giveaway of a DVD copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, coming soon on Bonggamom Finds!

Disclaimer: I did not receive a sample or any other form of compensation for this post. Thanks to Fox Movies and ThinkJam for sponsoring the upcoming DVD giveaway.

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