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A couple of years ago I did a Valentine's Day post on Finding Bonggamom featuring The Pea's and Jammy's thoughts on love. Unfortunately 3Po refused to cooperate, so I never got to know what 5-year 3Po thought about love. Valentine's Day is coming up again, and to celebrate the occasion Tiny Prints recently invited me to post about what my kids think of love. I asked each of my kids the question, "What is love?", and this time 3Po was willing to share his wisdom, as were Jammy and The Pea:

Here's what Jammy said: Love is when you hug, kiss and play with someone, and you like each other.

Here's what The Pea said: Love is when you strongly like each other. It's a bonding between 2 people, and it brings happiness. It's the strongest force in the world!

I asked her to explain that last thought, and she responded with: Love makes people kill themselves.

3Po's answer: Don't you know?

Wouldn't that be a perfect message for a Valentine's Day card?

After a bit more persuasion (in the form of a chocolate-chip cookie), I was able to get 3Po to elaborate: Love is weddings. It's when you like someone so much that you want to kiss them and hug them and snuggle with them and live with them for the rest of your life.

Another Valentine's Day message that would rival any greeting card you get in a store -- and with Tiny Prints personalized greeting cards, you actually can put that message (or any other message you want) on a Valentine's Day card. If your taste runs to more traditional messages of love, Tiny prints has that too, along with Valentine's Day stickers, gift tags, kids' cards and other ways to let your loved ones know what love means to you. Click here to see everything that Tiny Prints has for Valentine's Day!

Stay tuned for my Valentine's Day post on Finding Bonggamom with more thoughts on love from 3Po, Jammy and The Pea!

Disclaimer: Compensation for this post is provided in the form of a Tiny Prints gift card, courtesy of Tiny Prints and Global Influence.The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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