Olivia toys from SpinMaster

Olivia has always been one of my favorite modern children's characters. She's quite a character -- spirited, yet sweet, with an imagination that literally transforms her world and sends her up and away into worlds of fantasy. And each book is like a work of art -- I think Ian Falconer's delicate, retro illustrations are so refreshing in a world of garish cartoon figures.

Maintaining that fresh, delicate look is difficult when it comes to merchandising; plastic figurines and playsets are hardly the medium for conveying Olivia's spirit -- but Team Mom recently sent me a couple of toys from Spinmaster's new Olivia toy line, and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised at how these toys remain true to the Olivia books.

Olivia's 2-in-1 Transforming Playset
Olivia's 2-in-1 Transforming Playset is a mini dollhouse that transforms into a pirate ship so kids can help Olivia take off on one of her imaginative adventures.

* 2 play sets in 1, the Real World/Fantasy play set magically flips from Olivia's house to a pirate ship

* Set includes Olivia figure, 23 fun accessories and stickers to decorate Olivia's room
* The Olivia Real World/Fantasy play set magically transforms from Olivia's house to her Pirate Ship, open the set and play with Olivia in her house
* 2-in-1 play set, Olivia Figure, 23 accessories, decorative sticker sheet, collector's stickers

3Po and Jammy are ruff-and-tuff little boys, but they couldn't resist this whimsical little playset. They were fascinated at how opening the playset one way makes it a house (so little girls can play house), and opening it another way makes it a pirate ship (good for lots of boyish adventures!). There are just a few things that would make it better:

* More accessories for the pirate ship mode (most of the accessories are furniture)
* A place to store the accessories (like a chest of drawers or locker attached to the playset) so they don't get lost
* A figurine of Olivia's little brother Ian (a small Olivia figurine is included).

Plush Olivia Everyday Doll

The Olivia Everyday Doll features our heroine dressed in the red-striped shirt and red coveralls we all know and love. There's nothing to fault with this 8" doll; it's simple and sweet and cuddly and totally lovable, just the right size to take along in the car or in a backpack. If only there were outfits and accessories available for sale, so that kids could change Olivia's clothes. Oh well, I guess they'll just have to use their imagination -- and isn't that what Olivia is all about anyway!?

Thanks, Team Mom, for sending us such adorable toys to review!

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