Ubisoft at BlogHer 2010

I'm so excited to have been chosen by gaming software maker Ubisoft and the Clever Girls as one of their Ubisoft Champions! I've been working with Ubisoft since last November, trying out their latest and greatest games for the Nintendo DS and sharing my opinions with my readers, and as a Ubisoft Chamption, I'll be doing pretty much the same thing -- reviewing some games and hosting some giveaways -- so I'm delighted to be continuing the relationship.

Today some of the Ubisoft Champion bloggers met up with the Clever Girls and Ubisoft people at the Ubisoft booth at BlogHer 2010 in New York. Ubisoft is a Platinum Sponsor of the event, so they had a massive booth right at the very entrance of the BlogHer Expo.

Even though the first thing I saw at the booth was a demented looking giant bunny dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh, I felt right at home. Not because I'm demented or Egyptian, but because he's a character from one of the kids' favorite DS games, Rabbids Go Home. I just had to pose for a photo with him, and I have to say, I think I look pretty demented myself (being so close to a celebrity can do that to you).

The Ubisoft booth was full of fun things to see and do. I got a sneak peek at some of Ubisoft's newest games for the Nintendo DS, including Petz Fantasy, where players care for mythical animals that hatch out of eggs and the latest Style Lab game, where players create their own tshirt designs. I got all excited because my kids love Style Lab and Petz, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to review these titles sometime soon.

The booth also had several Wii and Xbox stations set up with Ubisoft games for conference attendees to try out. They even had a dance stage where bloggers could strut their stuff and try out the Just Dance game for the Wii. They offered a free Just Dance shirt to anyone who would get up on stage and dance, so I let myself be persuaded to join Cat, Stefania and Sheila from Clever Girls Collective and dance to Madonna's Holiday. I figured I couldn't make too much of a fool of myself dancing to 80's music, and I'd get a free shirt out of it. Heck, who am I kidding, I just wanted to get up and dance! It was good exercise and great fun. Maybe tomorrow I'll get back up on that stage and try my hand at "Walk Like An Egyptian". Heck, maybe I can even get the bunny to dance with me.

Disclosure: I was selected by Ubisoft and Clever Girls Collective to be part of the Ubisoft Champions social media program. I am compensated for my participation in this program, but my reviews are solely my own and represent my honest opinions. Ubisoft and Clever Girls Collective promote Blog With Integrity.

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