Sour Jacks Watermelon Review

The Pea absolutely loves sour gummy candies, and watermelon is her favorite flavor, so when I was invited to review Sour Jacks Watermelon candy, how could I refuse?

The Basics
Here's some information about Sour Jacks Watermelon:
Since first introduced in 1993, Sour Jacks have been one of America's favorite movie candies, and have grown to become one of the most loved candies in North America. Sour Jacks are a fat free treat, available in movie theaters and video store chains, grocery stores, vending machines, through fundraisers, in theme parks, and sports and amusement facilities of all kinds. It's sour, it's sweet and it's fun to eat!

The Bongga
The kids went ape for this candy! Each piece is shaped like a triangular slice of watermelon, and it looks nice and sweet (even though it's sour). I'm not a fan of sour candy, but even I like the candy watermelon taste, and it's not too sour to turn me off. I'd rather leave the candy to the kids and capture the funny puckered faces they make when they eat it:

I like that it comes in little packs, so it's easy to control my kids' portion sizes. One pack shared between the three of them was just enough of a sweet (okay, sour) treat on a summer day.

The Blah
I could go on about the effect of too much sugar on my kids, but we already know that, don't we? The key word is treat, and as long as I make sure my kids get enough exercise and eat healthy meals and as long as I restrict the late-night candy intake, I don't feel guilty about letting have an occasional Sour Jacks Watermelon treat.

The Bottom Line
Sour Jacks Watermelon candies are a mouth-puckering treat that's too sour to resist!

Disclosure: I received a product sample, but was not paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information is provided by the featured company/product and is clearly indicated as such. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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