Safeway Home Delivery Service (aka my lifesaver)

Boy, have I had been busy! I wrapped up my last week in the UK with a flurry of day trips, shopping excursions and parties, culminating with a cocktail party my mother-in-law hosted for 25 people for her birthday on Monday night. On Tuesday morning I fly home to Palo Alto. I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and spent the rest of the day unpacking, sorting through 5 weeks' worth of mail and sweeping away 5 weeks worth of dust that had settled throughout the house. On Wednesday morning I flew to New York for the BlogHer 2010 conference.

Alfie and the kids will be flying from Heathrow to San Francisco on Saturday. I won't be getting back till Sunday, so they'll be arriving to a clean, but empty, house. Empty, as in, empty of all food except a bottle of ketchup, some beer, and a jar of pickled onions so old that no one will touch them. The last thing Alfie will want to do is drag the kids to the store to get milk and juice and bread. How can I help them while I'm enjoying myself here in New York will all my fellow bloggers?

Enter Safeway's Home Delivery Service. One of the first things I did when I arrived home was log on to, pick out some basic grocery items and schedule a delivery for late Saturday night. That way, Alfie and the kids will have cereal and milk and fruit to eat the next morning. No hassle, no fuss, all thanks to the miracle of home delivery!

I was thrilled when Safeway sent me two grocery gift cards and invited me to try out their Home Grocery Delivery service, because I'm already a loyal Safeway shopper and frequent user of the service! I've been using it ever since it started, and I'm a big fan. I hate taking the kids grocery shopping and I only get a few hours to myself while they're at school, and the last thing I want to do with my precious free time is do grocery shopping.

Safeway Home Grocery Delivery makes so much sense. Items cost just the same as they do at your local Safeway store, and all Safeway Club Card discounts are automatically applied. I'm always online anyway, so doing online grocery shopping makes sense. I can pick and choose items online faster than I could by pushing a heavy cart up and down the grocery aisles, and I can schedule deliveries in the late evening, when the kids are in bed. I can buy all the heavy cans and bulky toilet paper rolls I want, knowing my friendly Safeway delivery driver will help me carry it all into my kitchen!

Here's more information about Safeway's Home Grocery Delivery:
Safeway’s Home Grocery Delivery is a convenient and time-saving way to shop for groceries from the comfort of your own home. Have you ever dreamed you could get your grocery shopping done while the kids took a quick nap? Want to easily stock up on those everyday essentials without leaving the house? Are you without a car and wish you could get your groceries home without being limited to what you can carry on public transportation? Now you can!

With Safeway Home Delivery, you get great Safeway Club Card savings plus exclusive online offers and easy delivery—all with the click of a mouse. And once you’ve completed your first order, your grocery list is saved in your account making future online shopping even easier and more of a time saver!

Here are the features I like best about the service:

* They deliver to your home.

* You can search for items by typing keywords into a search box, or by browsing through virtual "grocery aisles", just like you would in an actual Safeway store.

* The site saves your order history so you can easily find the items that you shop for the most.

* They deliver to your home.

* The drivers are friendly and helpful. They never leave my order out on my porch; they always carry it all inside to my kitchen, which is great since both my hands are usually already gripping something (basket of toys, vacuum cleaner, naughty boys' hands, etc...). And even though they're providing you with the incredible convenience of delivering to your home, they don't accept tips.

* You can choose from a wide range of delivery times and dates.

* Even after you've checked out and paid for your order, you can change your order until midnight before your scheduled delivery date, so if you forgot anything, you can still add it to your order.

* The groceries are delivered in plastic bags, but you can send empty plastic bags back with the delivery driver to be recycled.

* Delivery charges are very reasonable -- between $7 and $13 -- but they send free delivery coupons via email or regular mail so often, I rarely have to pay delivery fees!

* They prominently display their weekly specials on their main page, so you don't miss out on all the great deals. When they have free shipping offers or other discounts, you'll know about it!

* Their customer service is excellent. One time I realized I had not received several items on my list, even though they were listed on my delivery sheet. I called up customer service and told them the delivery driver must have left one of my bags in his truck. They immediately offered to re-deliver the items or credit my account for the items. My choice, no hassle.

* Did I mention they deliver to your home?

Safeway Home Grocery delivery is a wonderful service for all busy families, and I highly recommend them. Here's a free shipping offer from the Safeway home page to get you started:

Free Delivery with your first Safeway Home Grocery order
Get free delivery for your First Delivery by entering Promotion Code: EASY7 at checkout. Limit 1 per household. $50 minimum order required for delivery. Valid for First Delivery Only.

Great, huh? Here's an even better one that Safeway gave to me to share with my blog readers! Check it out:

Free Delivery plus $7 off your first Safeway Home Grocery order

Get free delivery plus $7 off your First Delivery by entering Promotion Code: BNGMMFDS at checkout. Limit 1 per household. $50 minimum order required for delivery. Valid for First Delivery Only. Expires 9/30/2010.

Disclosure: I received two gift cards as a thank-you for participating and blogging about Safeway Home Grocery Delivery. Product information is provided by the featured company/product and is clearly indicated as such. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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