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A label is a label is a label. Once you're tried one label company, you've tried them all. Right? Wrong. When label company Name Bubbles invited me to try out their labels, I accepted with thanks; I'm always ready to review products created by "mompreneurs", especially products that make my life as a parent easier. But I've reviewed some really wonderful personalized label companies and been very impressed with their labels. So in all honesty, I didn't really expect to see anything different than what I've already seen and tried out.

Boy, did they pop my bubble. Name Bubbles sent me a sampler of their waterproof labels (6 Mini Bubbles dishwasher-safe labels, 6 Bitty Bubbles laundry labels and 6 Bubble Toe shoe labels), and I have to say, I was really impressed. The other name label companies have some catching up to do! Here's why:

The Basics
Name Bubbles creates personalized name labels for anything and everything. Their all-purpose labels are dishwasher safe, and their stick-on laundry labels require no ironing. They have many other label styles such as shoe labels and allergy labels, as well as label combo packs. Here is what Name Bubbles has to say about their labels:

Name Bubbles creates durable vinyl labels for everyday life. Our labels are personalized, fun, and easy. Name Bubbles are made with a non-toxic, eco-friendly ink and are tough enough to stick in the extreme conditions of -60 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bongga
I have to say, these labels are gooooood. Much as I love the other label companies I've reviewed, I have to say that Name Bubbles can hold their own with the competition, and more. There is not much difference in quality (i.e. fading and durability) and price -- I think Name Bubble's edge is in the design. They use at least two colors in all their label designs, and there's a much bigger variety in styles and options. Their shoe labels are something else -- they have them in cute flip-flop design!

The best thing about Name Bubbles? Their Holiday Pack and Birthday Favor Labels pack. I've reviewed other companies' name labels before, but Name Bubbles is the only label company I've seen that lets you split up an order between multiple names. It's the one thing I've always complained about to the other companies -- I have 3 kids and I want labels for all of them, but with a limited budget I'd rather spend a bit less and receive less labels per name. I've always wanted the ability to split up an order between my 3 kids' names. Now, with the Holiday Pack and Birthday Favor Labels pack, I can!

The Blah
Hmmmm, can't think of any, other than the fact that they didn't send me enough sample labels :)

The Bottom Line
Name Bubbles takes personalized name labels to a new standard of selection and design. The style, quality and price of their labels are second to none. Best of all, their Holiday Pack and Birthday Favor Labels packs are a great budget-conscious option for moms with multiple kids!

I received a sample in order to review this product, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Do the laundry labels really just stick on and stay?

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