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Last week the kids and I watched the Astroboy movie, and boy, did we have a blast (read my short movie synopsis and review here). My kids found the emotional scenes a bit too heartwrenching (as in, they were crying their eyes out in the movie theater, bless their soft little hearts) but they adored all of the action scenes, and they can't talk about Astroboy these days without the accompanying arm movements and Zzzzzzooom sounds and blaster sounds that I can't really spell out into a proper word.

This kind of movie was just made for toy licensing, because action figures based on the movie and the perfect way for little boys to reenact what they enjoyed in the movie and keep the memories alive. A couple of days before we saw Astroboy we received a 6" Astroboy figure from Jazwares, which was great timing because now they love playing with it so much!

The Basics
The 6" Astroboy action figure depicts Astroboy as he appears in all the classic manga, complete with spiky hair, bare chest and red boots. Press his belt buckle and his chest lights up with his blue core light! Other Astroboy figures include the Peacekeeper whose chest lights up in search of Astro Boy, the Samurai with light up eyes, and Metro City Astroboy, all dressed up with light-up rocket boots.

The Bongga
I know Astroboy is supposed to be this awesome fighting machine, and my boys certainly treat the action figure that way, but I think he is just so cute! And this action figure captures his cuteness perfectly. The light-up blue core is a nice touch , but what I love best about this figure is its simplicity. It doesn't have any complicated doodads, which is just fine because Astroboy's real power doesn't lie in his blue core, it lies in the imaginations of the little boys who play with him. We can't wait to get the rest of the figures so Astroboy can have someone to play and/or battle with!

The Blah
Astroboy's joints are a little bit stiff, which makes it difficult to move and pose him.

The Bottom Line
Jazwares' 6" Astroboy figures are a fun way for any little boy to recreate all of Astroboy's adventures. They'd make a great present for Astroboy fans!

I received a sample in order to review this product, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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theconners4 on November 12, 2009 at 10:33 AM said...

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judybrittle on November 12, 2009 at 7:27 PM said...

That is really great. I like that the eyes light up. Thanks!

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