Knex 400 Piece Value Tub

There are some toys that you can never have too many of, and one of those is K'nex. We absolutely love it. You can't go wrong giving my kids (or any other kids) a K'nex set; with K'nex, it's truly "The More, The Merrier", because with more pieces you can build more, bigger and better projects.

We are definitely a K'nex family. Check out our K'nex collection (I think there are a couple more boxes out there, but this is most of it)!

Overkill? Trust me, with 3 K'nex-loving kids, I'm happy we have as much as we do. That green tub in the top center of the photo is the latest addition to our K'nex family -- a 400 Piece Value Tub provided to us by Team Mom and K'nex. You'd think my kids would look at the tub and say, Meh. More of the same. But they were almost as excited to play with it as they were when they received their very first K'nex set. Here's more about our latest K'nex set and what we thought of it:

The Basics
The K'nex 400 Piece Value Tub contains 400 K'nex pieces inlcuding rods, bricks, wheels and connectors that snap together to build all kinds of models. It also has an instruction book with building ideas for 20 different models. Here's what you get inside the tub:

The Bongga
What's not to like about this tub? It's full of K'nex! (Okay, it's not totally full, but that's a good thing because there's space in the tub for your kid to store his finished K'nex models). It's such a great building toy! In many ways I like K'nex better than LEGO, because the rods and connectors provide so many more ways to connect parts together. You're not limited to square bricks and you can make some really fabulous creations! Speaking of LEGO, the K'nex bricks also work with LEGO bricks, so if your kid has a LEGO collection, buying this set doubles the build and play possibilities. And I love the storage tub that comes with it. It's easy to stack, easy to store and easy to carry around.

The Blah
400 pieces might sound like a lot -- but it's not. Once your child gets hooked, he'll want to keep building more things while refusing to dismantle the stuff he's already built. And as soon you add a friend to the mix, those 400 pieces are going to get used up in their building pretty quickly! But you've got to start somewhere, and this Value Tub is an affordable beginners' set.

The Bottom Line
The K'nex 400 Piece Value Tub delivers just what it says -- value. It's an affordable way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of K'nex, and if your child is already a K'nex fan, this is a welcome addition to his collection!

Win It!
K'nex is holding a video contest with $1000 of K'nex products at stake! Their Make a K'NEXion Video contest invites parents to make a video of their child building with K'nex building products. The ten best videos will be featured on ande one winning video will receive $1000 worth of K'next toys. The contest runs from Nov. 4, 2009 through December 7, 2009. Click here for rules and details. Good luck!

I received a sample in order to review this product, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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