Recipe for a Great TV Show

When The Travel Channel informed me that Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods show was beginning a new season this week, I was happy to take a sneak peek at the first episode. Check it out:

I love food and I love travel, so shows about global cuisine are right up my alley. And two of last season's episodes were particularly close to my heart: Bizarre Foods Philippines and Bizarre Foods UK. Of course, as the title suggests, Bizarre Foods doesn't really showcase your everyday, run-of-the-mill cuisine -- which probably makes it even more fascinating. So you've got that gross-food-reality-TV shock value mixed in with the gorgeous scenery, fascinating cultures and yummy food. And of course, you've got Andrew Zimmern, who I think is a great guy with a heart of gold and a stomach of steel. That's a winning recipe!

Bizarre Foods Tanzania premiered last Tuesday, April 14, but Andrew still has a lot of globe-trotting to do this season. He'll be visiting South Korea, the Australian Outback, Sydney, Singapore, Texas, Nicarague, Puerto Rico and the jungles of Mexico. Grab the Pepto Bismol!

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