chicBuds JR -- as bongga as chicBuds, just smaller

Last week I reviewed chicBuds, the cute earphones with an adustable, retractable cord. The pair that chicBuds gave me to try out are white with pink Swarovski crystals on the earbuds and the cord windup thingy, so even though I wear crocs and sweats I'm feeling all Hip and Fine when I listen to music. Which probably means that I'm so Not Hip and Fine, but at least the chicBuds make me feel like I am. And now, of course, my kids are all jealous of me, prancing around like Miss Thang with my iPod and my Pink Bling chicBuds.

Lucky for me, chicBuds came to the rescue with chicBuds JR! The chicBuds JR is literally a smaller version of the regular chicBuds, so it's the perfect earphones for kids. The earbuds are a bit smaller so they fit in my kids' ears, which I really like because I am lazy (when the grownup-sized ones fall out of my kids' ears, I keeping having to fit the earbuds back in). The cord is thinner, so the cord windup thingy is much smaller and lighter. Just like regular chicBuds, the chicBuds JR. has an adjustable length cord, so kids of different sizes can use them. The cord is even long enough for me to use (but I wouldn't recommend using it to work out because they don't have the clip which allows you to attach to clothing). And just like regular chicBuds, they make a serious fashion statement. They have shimmery designs on them so your kids can rock out in style. Check out this video of Jammy listening to Hannah Montana's Pumpin Up the Party (he has no idea that he's singing out loud, or that I was videotaping him):

As always, I love the tangle-free retractable cord. And best of all, the price is also kid-sized: just $9.99 retail versus $50.00 for the grown-up version. So The Pea can take these earphones to her next sleepover and I won't be worrying more about those earphones than the amount of sleep she's likely to get.

And now, ladies and gentlemen.... a giveaway! Because you've read this blog and this review, you are now eligible to enter in the Blog Readers chicBud Giveaway. All you have to do is go to and click on "Get ChicMail". When it asks you how you heard about chicBuds, check "Website" and enter the URL of this post:

Everyone who signs up from reading a review on a blog will be entered into a drawing that will be picked at the end of each month!! If your name is drawn you will win a set of chicBud earphones ($50.00 retail value). The winners will be contacted directly and announced on Twitter, so make sure you follow the chicBuds tweeps on Twitter:


It's that simple..... But Wait! If you buy chicBuds online, just enter the code chicBuds5 and you will receive $5.00 off your purchase. How chic is that?! Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

So cute! I love it :)

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