Free pancakes at iHop!

Happy Shrove Tuesday! Everyone in England is eating pancakes today, so we're gonna go with the flow and have pancakes for dinner. The thing is, English pancakes are more like crepes, cooked very thin and served rolled up with powdered sugar and lemon juice. I'm too lazy to make regular fluffy American pancakes as it is, let alone figure out how to make the English stuff. So maybe we'll just scrounge off IHOP, who are offering free pancakes today!

Yes, you heard me, everyone gets a free short stack of IHOP pancakes from 7AM till 10PM. Tomorrow is also National Pancake Day and instead of charging for their pancakes, IHOP is hoping you all will donate some money to the Children's Miracle Network. Now that's something to flip over.

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evelester @ on March 4, 2009 at 9:04 PM said...

yummy!! thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

IHOP is my favorite breakfast place. I usually order way more than I can eat but it's all oh so good!

Rachel Ferrucci

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