Celebrate your baby's Firsts with Earth's Best

When my kids were babies, Earth's Best baby foods were kind of a splurge, but I always threw a couple of jars into my grocery cart anyway (especially when they were on sale!). Yes, they cost more, but you get what you pay for -- you're getting high-quality nutrition. Even more important, these taste WAAAY better than the regular baby foods. Their teething biscuits make my mouth water, and I could actually open a jar and eat some of the purees myself. Hey, even now I still occasionally buy jars of pureed sweet potatoes or squash to throw into my kids' macaroni and cheese or other dish to make it healthier.

The PR folks from Earth's Best sent me some information about their new Celebrate the Firsts promo, and I'm sharing it with you because they've got a good product and this sounds like a good deal. Just send in receipts for the Earth's Best baby foods you purchase and they'll send you some neat rewards:

Send in $25 worth of receipts and get $5 in coupons and a bib.
Send in $50 worth of receipts and get $10 in coupons, plus travel size Jason Organic baby body care.
Send in $100 worth of receipt and get s$15 in coupons plus Fisher Price Tubtime Friends.

The promo only lasts till March 31, so you need to start collecting receipts. But $100 in baby foods, teething biscuits and cereal in two months? That's so doable! If my twins were still babies I'd totally be aiming for that tub toy.

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