SV Moms Swag -- way more than tchotchkes!

Finally, it's the night before BlogHer, and I can at last reveal to the world the contents of our SV Moms Swag Bags..... I'm going to have so much fun trying this stuff out!

First up, beauty and healthcare products. Saks Fifth Avenue sent us a plush spa bag with some luxury beauty product samples. We also got some skincare products from Olay and Emerita, and a teeth whitening pen from Whiter Image. Sigh.... I suppose I have no excuse now to be looking wrinkled and haggard, not with all these pampering products I've been given.

The household products in our swag bag almost reads like a little script: Now, you too can clean your home with Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom scrubber and some organic weedkiller (and don't forget to spray your hands with CleanWell sanitizer afterwards)! And after you're done with all that tiresome cleaning, why not relax and stuff your face with yummy, guilt-free Weight Watchers snacks? OK, just kidding, I guess some dried fruit crisps would be much healthier (and just as yummy).

Since we're all busy, multitasking SV Moms, we also got a bunch of products to organize our chaotic lives, including an internet password organizer (just remember to keep it in a safe place!), Scanalog cataloguing software, and a BusyBodyBook. I was happy to see a chapter book from Precious Moments and a Mr. David music cd, so I'll have something new to entertain the kids with on our upcoming 10-hour flight. Rounding off the "paper products" category are a set of notecards by ji designs and a toddler book from Scholastic,

The items that elicited the most "awwwws" were definitely the baby and kid stuff. The items were just dripping with cuteness! include a chic Mod Mum baby sling, Baby shoes from See Kai Run. a Happy Panda baby shirt. a stuffie from Russ with zippers buttons shoelaces and velcro fasteners (great for introducing kids to self-dressing skills), bisphenol-A free nursing bottles from Medela , and a diaper tower from Sweet Pea Cakes. I would have killed to own things like that when my kids were babies, but I'm past that stage (and have no intention of going back to it, even for all this lovely swag) and there are actually only 2 items I can use personally. I've already raved about Wati Designs for kids, and this hip orange dress is no exception. I can't wait to put The Pea in it when the schoolyear begins. Second is the Snacker Tracker, a nutritional tracking systems for children ages 2-8 years. Will it inspire us to eat more healthily or will it merely induce more parenting guilt? We'll see....

And what did all of this come in? Why, in our new Lands End tote bag, of course! (Actually, there was so much stuff that we actually received it all in two bags -- the second one being a giant Saks Fifth Ave. shopping bag)

And there you have it -- my goody bag breakdown. I'm going to have so much fun trying this stuff out! If I find anything I really like, I'll post about it here. And don't worry, I'm sure I'll have enough left over to host a little swag bag giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

Next up... what's in my BlogHer Swag Bag?

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