Introducting the new virtual Borders

I've just been to the redesigned Borders online store and although the page loading time was far from speedy, I like what I see. Scrolling through the books on their Magic Shelf (a virtual bookshelf) is almost like being in a real store -- I just wish they offered the ability to expand the contents of the shelves rather than featuring about a dozen books in each category. Oh, and I'm disappointed that they don't have the very first section I head to when I visit Borders -- books on sale. Where's your SALE section on that Magic Shelf, guys?

Despite those limitations, still looks like a good online place to hang out. Three more reasons to visit:

FREE shipping of your purchase to any store.

FREE shipping for purchases over $25.
And for now until August 8, $5 off your online purchase -- just add promotion code BR41925 at checkout.

Now if only they could give us a virtual new-book smell and virtual latte smell.

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