Fire Fish

FireFish , written by Davy Liu, tells the tale of three little fish (my kids loved that the eldest fish is a girl and she has two little brothers) who are searching for their parents. They face many dangers along the way but are inspired and aided throughout by the mythical FinMaker and the wondrous FireFish. It is a lovely story about courage and love and family and faith. With its emphasis on faith, FireFish clearly has strong biblical undertones; in fact, you will need to know your Old Testament stories to be able to fully appreciate the Big Picture.

The best feature of the book is the beautiful illustrations -- which is what you'd expect from someone who has worked on Disney animated films like "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King", and for George Lucas at ILM. I love how some page spreads don't have any text at all, just an illustration of eye-catching, vivid sea creatures swimming in a beautiful blue sea. They look just like limited-edition animation cells.

Firefish is actually the second of Davy Liu's series of books -- the Invisible Tails series -- about biblical stories such as Jonah and the Whale or Moses' Parting of the Red Sea , written from animal's perspectives. The first one, The Giant Leaf, is also out, and at least half a dozen are set to follow. If the storylines and artwork are going to be as clever as Fire Fish's, I can't wait to read the rest of them.

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