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Sometime last month I dropped by my friend Jane's blog and saw she was giving away a set of name cards from HauteMammas.com. I fell in love with Hautemamma's fresh, bold designs and entered the giveaway with fingers and toes crossed. Unfortunately I didn't win, but coincidentally I was contacted by HauteMamma Tiffany, who asked if I would like to receive a sample of products from HauteMamma.com. I couldn't believe my luck!

They sent over a box of sample name cards, notecards and stickers so I could see firsthand the great colors and designs. They even personalized some gift labels for us -- so now any present that my kids give to their friends will contain this cute label:

Doesn't that look so bright and friendly?

The Basics
Hautemammas makes personalized calling cards, note cards, gift labels and address labels. The cards make great mommy cards or family cards (so you'll never have to scribble your contact information down on the back of a receipt again!). They also have Babysitter info pads, Pet Sitter info pads, Permission slip pads, and other fun gift items.

The Bongga
For me, Hautemammas is all about the design, design, design. You're not going to find anything generic here; each design is fresh and original and makes a strong statement about the person behind the name card. They're as cheerful as a candy store and as delicious as a box of truffles, which is a weird comparison when talking about name cards, but I can't describe how their designs come across to me in any other way. Here are my personal favorites:

Yeah, brown has become my new black. I'm really into the anything-and-brown combo. And those adorable swirls make everything look chic and playful.

The Pea loved the sample thank you cards, so I said she could have them as long as she wrote a thank-you note to Haute Mammas:

(Note that The Pea's real name is not Tiffany, nor does The Pea have a daughter named Hadley. She wrote on a sample card, and I left the personalization when I scanned her note to show everyone the cute mix of fonts and colors).

The Blah
The designs are girly-girl in quite a bold way, which I personally adore, but if you prefer a more understated, classic look then this may not be the place for you (Males, take heart; they're coming up with a men's line soon). Also, the cardstock for the calling cards is nice and sturdy, but the label paper feels a bit thin to me, almost like print-your-own-label-paper you'd buy at your local office supply store; that being said, I doubt that anyone could get those lovely, bright colors by printing on a home printer!.

The Bottom Line
If you're hip, sassy and stylish -- and you want personalized stationery that leaves no doubt in people's minds that you are -- then go to Hautemammas!

I received a product sample for this review, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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