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When I was invited to try and review Ageless Fantasy, the new perfume by Harvey Prince, I did a double take. Huh? Anti-age perfume? Perfume that makes you smell younger? I was intrigued -- hey, I'm not getting any younger, and I'll take all the help I can get -- so I decided to give it a try. Here's what I thought:

The Basics

Youth in a bottle! At least that's what Ageless claims. They say, "Our patent-pending fragrance elixir defies your skin's natural age-revealing scent. Research has proven that men around women who use Ageless anti-age perfume believe them to be at least 8 years younger!"

The Bongga

I think this perfume's a keeper -- I thought it smelled very nice and light and floral. Which shows how much I know about scents -- the box says, "Ageless anti-aging perfume is an aromatic essense of pink grapefruit, mango, anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, jasmine and musk." Whatever -- I don't need to know what's in it to know I like it. I think all the fruit in it must appeal to younger people anyway. When The Pea smelled it, she immediately squealed and sprayed some all over herself. Since she's 8 years old, I wonder whether research would show that men who smell her think she smells like a newborn.

Seriously, though, the claim to youthfulness is always appealing, and with all the research being done on pheromones and body chemistry, I don't think it's that farfetched. It's true that vanilla smells calming, rose smells "old-ladyish", and citrus smells energizing -- so why can't there be a scent that signals youth? I can't prove whether Ageless Fantasy has actually captured that youth scent -- unfortunately I find little occasion to be in a roomful of men these days, unless you count Alfie and the twins. But it's all about your mindset anyway: if you think you smell younger, you'll probably feel younger and act younger.

The Blah

At $120 for 3.4 oz., with no smaller size option, it's a pricey investment. Also, Alfie told me I smelled nice, but like a grandmother. I guess it's just not his type -- he has never liked the scent of jasmine, and he always tells me he doesn't understand why women think men want them to smell like fruit. Or maybe his grandmother was just one rocking babe. However, given his reaction this is one perfume I'd rather wear to a ladies' lunch or to a high school reunion (where you want to give off that youthful vibe), not on a hot date with Alfie when I'm hoping for something more than dessert.

The Bottom Line

Buy this perfume because you like the smell, not because you think it's going to turn you into a younger version of yourself.

I received a product sample for this post, but no monetary compensation. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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prettymommma said...

A pricy investment indeed…. but I would love to try.

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