Pan for gold with the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Panning Kit

Gold Rush Panning Kit
I received a sample kit to review

This year, my 4th graders are going on a very special trip: a three-day field trip to gold rush country, where they will live the life of a gold miner and pan for gold!  This is an annual event for 4th-graders in our school, which complements their studies in California history.  Everyone is really excited about making their own bread, learning how to make fire without a match, hiking through the woods, and of course, panning for gold.  3Po's and Jammy's big sister did the trip when she was in 4th grade, and she told them that finding gold isn't as easy as it sounds.  In fact, not all the students ended up finding gold.

3Po and Jammy know that there's a chance they might not find gold, but I'm sure in their heart of hearts, they're hoping they will, and they'll feel a bit disappointed if they come home without a glimmer of gold.  Fortunately we received an awesome Valentine's Day gift from the Discovery Channel and the Pay Dirt Gold Company:  our very own home Gold Rush Panning Kit!  Each kit contains everything kids need to pan for gold:  a pan, a snuffer bottle for retrieving the gold, a vial for storing the gold, detailed instructions, a certificate of authenticity, and a bag of dirt guaranteed to contain gold!  How exciting is that?  We're just starting a 5-day holiday (Ski Week/President's Day), and we have no vacation plans, so we'll be striking gold sometime in the next few days!  This is an awesome kit.  Not only will they learn a bit of history, they'll be preparing for their Gold Rush field trip, staying entertained during our break.... and they'll get to find some actual gold.  What a gold mine of entertainment!

About the Gold Rush Panning Kit
Normally, when it comes to selecting holiday gifts for a loved one, it is difficult to strike gold. However, Discovery Channel and the Pay Dirt Gold Company have just announced the launch of their Gold Rush Panning Kit, the holy grail of gift ideas for kids, parents, grandparents, and history buffs alike. Just picture your husband, son, grandpa, or daughter panning in the backyard. It only takes a few minutes before they’ll be addicted!

Based on the hit television miniseries, Gold Rush, the new Gold Rush Panning Kit brings the 19th century to the modern world. Inside each Gold Rush Panning Kit is a professional gold pan, a snuffer bottle for retrieving the newfound gold from the dirt, a classic vial to store the gold, and of course, the company’s gold guaranteed “pay dirt.” Some of the bags of “pay dirt” contain up to $500! The kit will even include a certificate of authenticity for the gold!

Complete with detailed instructions on exactly how to pan the "pay dirt" like the Boston Company, the Gold Rush Panning kit is not only an educational gift, but it is a genuinely rewarding one too.

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinion. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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