Get organized with the new Home Collection by Post-it and Scotch

Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

My kitchen is usually a big mess -- but the funny thing is, half of it isn't even related to food.  The kitchen is where I write, where I pay our bills, where the kids do their homework, where we all craft and draw.  So in addition to pots and pans, there are all kinds of papers and artwork strewn all over our kitchen.  There's not enough space on our fridge and message board, so I usually just stack them up and sweep them aside.

I've long wanted to utilize the insides of our kitchen cabinets to keep our papers, but we had new cabinet doors installed just a few years ago, and there's no way Alfie will allow me to screw in a clipboard or plastic organizer into the doors!  Hearing about Post-it's Home Collection was like drowning in the sea and being given a lifeboat -- finally, a way to organize our papers and display the kids' artwork that doesn't mar the cabinetry or walls!  The Home Collection is full of inexpensive solutions to clutter and mess, perfect for your New Year's Organization resolutions!

About the Home Collection
The collection, which is currently available at The Container Store, features a range of Post-it Products and Scotch Products and simple solutions to tackle everything from reminders to to-do lists, family schedules, meal planning, displaying children’s artwork and more. The collection pairs functionality with stylish design and soft hues, featuring products can be used individually or work together to create a unique and approachable organization system.
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

3M sent me a variety of Scotch Brand and Post-it Brand items from their Home Collection to help me get organized:
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

I love how everything can be removed, repositioned, and replaced so easily -- without peeling off the paint on our walls or cabinets!
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

My favorite items are the View and Go Pockets.  I stuck them on the inside of my kitchen cabinets, so I can keep all my loose papers -- school notices, field trip permission forms, coupons, etc... -- all in one handy place, without cluttering up our kitchen table.  The only thing missing from these pockets is an extra adhesive strip for the bottom of the pocket.  Only the top has an adhesive strip, so the pocket dangles (I took an extra adhesive square from one of the other products to secure the pockets!).
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

The Scotch Restickable Strips serve a similar function: you can press photos and paper onto them, and they will stick (they're wonderful for stainless steel fridges where you can't use magnets!).  Stuff sticks to them so well that you need to be very careful when peeling them off.  The strip is made of a gel-like material, so it will probably end up gathering dust in the areas not covered by paper -- but believe it or not, it's washable!  Just wash and dry, and the strip will be just as good as new.
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

The Restickable Designs are also a big hit.  They're great for hanging posters or happy birthday signs on the walls -- and the best part is, they're reusable!  Just rinse them in water and dry them off to "recharge" their sticky properties.  I have no doubt they'll peel off the walls cleanly but I still have my doubts about whether they will stick to the poster itself.  If it does feel like the poster is going to tear, I'll dampen the Restickable Dot and see what happens.
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

I think the Scotch Display Frames are a stroke of genius.  They have Scotch adhesive strips on the back, so you can put them anywhere.  They make your kids' artwork and photos look much more finished and elegant than just plain old magnets!
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

Other products in the Home Collection include (clockwise, from top left):
Scotch and Post-it Home Collection for organization

  • Post-it Full Adhesive Note Tiles
  • Post-it Reminder Tags
  • Post-it Shopping Books, Meal Planner and List Pad
  • Post-it Dry Erase Message Center
  • Post-it Notes with Hashtag Pattern
  • Post-it Dry Erase Planner and Message Center

Check out the full Home Collection line at  Home organization has never been so easy!

Disclosure:  I received product samples to facilitate my review, but have not been paid to review the product or give my opinions. Product information (in italics) is provided by Post-It and Scotch. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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