Get fit, not frustrated, with Yurbuds wireless earbuds (and a discount from Best Buy!)

It happens at the beginning of every year:  everyone resolves to get fitter and healthier, drop those bad eating habits, increase the number of workouts.  But the number of people who actually stick to those New Year's Resolutions dwindles with every passing day!   Sticking to health and fitness goals is challenging for everyone, including me!  Here are a few ways to make things easier:

First, have a concrete goal ,whether it's pounds lost or miles run or inches lost or hours slept or number of cigarettes cut.

Next, have a way of measuring your progress.  What you use depends on your goal: it could be a weighing scale, a tape measure, a food journal, a tally of how many pushups you can do, or a log of the number of steps you took.   Last year, I started walking every week along some steep trails with my friends, and I've decided I want to do more walking this year.  To help me keep track of my progress, I went to Best Buy and got myself a FitBit.  My friends have nothing but praise for it, and I'm looking forward to a little friendly competition to get all of us going!  Since the new FitBit also keeps track of the number of hours you sleep, I'm also hoping it will help me ditch my terrible habit of staying up until 2:00AM when I want to finish a good book!

Many people find that having an incentive can be a great help to stay on track.  It can be an inspirational quote that you post on your fridge, a supportive friend who is willing to buddy up with you on your fitness journey, a change jar where you deposit a set amount of money for every goal you accomplish -- whatever gets you going!

Also, sometimes incentives may not be enough.  Think of things that will help make the journey itself a bit easier.  Consider buying new workout gear or new shoes.  Find an activity that you love -- a dance class, pilates, tennis, etc... -- so you look forward to your workout instead of dreading it.  Finally, (and this is my personal favorite), when engaging in solitary workouts, set your workout to music!  Music is a great way to alleviate the boredom of a long run, walk, or bike ride.  When you're listening to your favorite tunes, your workout seems a lot shorter. What's more, the tunes and the beat have a way of inspiring you to do your best! Don't take my word for it: I recently learned from Best Buy that studies have shown that music can increase the intensity and duration of a workout by as much as 15%.  So I never go out for a walk or run without my phone and my trusty Yurbuds earbuds (available at Best Buy and other retailers).

I reviewed Yurbuds a couple of years ago and they have quickly become my favorite brand of earphones.  I can't recommend them enough -- I've converted my whole family!  They seriously never fall out!  And they deliver amazing sound.  The only thing I could find wrong with them was my usual problem with earphones: a tangled cord.  It irritates me to no end having to untangle cords before using them.  Now it seems that Yurbuds has come up with a solution:  wireless earbuds!  They use Bluetooth technology, so they literally have no strings attached! With my Fitbit, phone, and Yurbuds, I have absolutely no excuse not to keep working toward a better fitness level in 2014!

About Yurbuds' new wireless earphones
Cut the cords and unleash your inner athlete with the Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Sport Earphones. These Stereo-Bluetooth® earphones lock in place comfortably so they never hurt and never fall out. The 15mm drivers provide the biggest sound available, providing the motivation you need to #neverstop. These sweat and water resistant earphones feature full track & call control with a wind-blocking microphone designed for call clarity. The athlete tested battery lasts up to 6 hours and provides visual and audible indicators when running low. This is sound with no strings attached.

Are you looking for ways to keep your New Year's resolutions going?  I've got two great deals from Best Buy that will help you stay motivated all year long!

Get 20% OFF ALL Yubuds
Enjoy 20% all Yurbuds products at Best Buy!  Use coupon code yurbuds20off when purchasing online at, or print out an in-store coupon by clicking here.  This discount is valid 1/19/14-2/22/14

Get a $5 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase
Enjoy a $5 Best Buy Gift Card when you purchase a qualifying Health and Fitness product at a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store!  See details, including qualifying products, at  The offer is valid 1/19/14-2/22/14 at Best Buy Mobile stores (note, it is not valid online or at Best Buy stores!).  Check to find a Best Buy Mobile store near you.

Disclosure: I (the reviewer), have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  Yurbuds wireless information (in italics) and discount information were provided by Best Buy. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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