Yurbuds Inspire for Women -- earbuds sized just right!

We all know men's and women's bodies are different. Different size, different shape, different composition, different chemistry, different needs.   That's why companies have separate lines of athletic shoes for men and women.  Same with athletic gear -- bikes, helmets, shinguards -- and clothing.  So why not earphones?

That's the idea behind Yurbuds' new Inspire for Women line of earbuds.  They are designed specifically to fit smaller ears, so they won't keep popping off when you are running.  They are sweat and germ resistant, and they come in cute colors like hot pink, teal, lime green, yellow, orange and purple.  Check out the pair that Yurbuds sent me to try out:

I'm so glad they sent me the hot pink ones, because it's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Cuteness factor aside, they are really comfortable earbuds.  The buds are made with soft silicone, so they mold to your ear.  The set comes with a larger sized set of earbuds, but I found the smaller one to be just right.  In fact, at first I thought they were too big for my ear but after you get used to them you realize that they fill up the entire outer ear cavity so that you get good quality sound! These aren't noise-cancelling headphones, though, which is a good thing when you are running on the street.   You can still hear outside noises like cars and leaf blowers so you don't run into anything.   My only beef with these earphones is that they don't have a retractable case, so I have to deal with tangled wires all the time.  But if that doesn't bother you, these are the headphones to get.

Disclosure:  I received a product sample from YurBuds, via BSM Media,  to facilitate my review. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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